Jomble offers rolling business broadband contracts

Jomble is offering rolling contracts on its business broadband service because traditional suppliers of broadband only offer contracts for two years or so that don’t allow users to take advantage of new offers.

Online PR News – 15-July-2010 – – The advantage of Jomble’s rolling contracts means one misses out on future benefits. Traditional business broadband contracts deny users the opportunity to take advantage of new offers, because those offers don’t apply to the original contract. With Jomble, all business customers (and they only have business customers, another reason why they are fast becoming the UK’s favoured broadband for business supplier) can take advantage of any new goodies in their business broadband range just by signing a new contract. Because the old one only ran for a month, the maximum an existing customer would have to wait before reaping new contractual benefits is 31 days – not two years, which can happen to unfortunate users of other business broadband providers’ services.

What’s the big deal with short term business broadband contracts? Well, traditional communications companies like BT (who have a rather ignominious track record when it comes to contract shenanigans) make most of their money by tying companies in to lengthy contracts. The contracts can be broken, of course, but the penalties for so doing (which are always disguised as benefits) are usually disproportionately large. A favourite example of that kind of contract: any agreement whereby a “benefit” (like not paying quite so much line rental) can only be enjoyed if the enjoyer agrees to stay with the business broadband provider in question for, say, two years.

Once that kind of contract is in place, companies run the risk of being crippled by awful upload and download times as hundreds of thousands of users all vie for the same piece of bandwidth. If you’re stuck into a long term contract with someone who claimed to be the best business broadband provider but clearly isn’t, there’s nothing you can do. Jomble’s model lets businesses decide for themselves – good value or not? Answer yes and stay, answer no and you’re free to go find someone else.

Communications revolutionaries Jomble have come up with yet another unique selling point for their business broadband service: rolling one month contracts. That, at least, is the effective length of a Jomble contract – when users sign up they commit to a minimum of one month under contact, which amounts to the same thing as saying that a Jomble broadband for business agreement runs on a rolling one month basis. There’s a small connection fee for first time users and an even smaller migration fee for users coming in from different business broadband providers – and then it’s try it, buy it if you like it, move on if you don’t.

Major communications corporations, who seem only to take take take and never come up with anything that genuinely benefits the customer have seen in recent months a move to smaller concerns that have developed excellent business broadband packages with a real customer focus. Jomble are spearheading that move – watch this space for future innovations.

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