Keypoint Communications new initiative offers cheaper business phone systems

Keypoint Communications are following up the successful launch of their cheap business calls tariff with another spectacular innovation of cheaper business phone systems.

Online PR News – 15-July-2010 – – Cheap business calls was Keypoints initiative that rocked the business communications boat to the point of capsizing. The Keypoint philosophy, made evident in its cheap business calls tariff, was simple: don’t rip anyone off and don’t charge them for stuff they don’t use. An industry norm, one would have thought – but, when Keypoint rolled out their cheap business calls tariff, it became obvious that the industry standard was about as far away from that as it was possible to get. Hugely overpriced calls, fluctuating base rates according to time of day, connection charges, line rental – all done away with by Keypoint in one fell swoop.

The Kent based business communications found the door open allowing it to provide a full business telephone systems range based on the same idea. Honest pricing, flat rates, customers only getting charged for what they actually use. Keypoint offer all the standard business system technologies – call forwarding, caller ID and various forms of Private Branch Exchange – but they only sell companies the items they want or need to use.

Some bright and shiny new technology also came through the open door such as IP PBX. This is a pretty sensational way to cut costs and improve functionality: an Internet Protocol (that basically just means it’s got an address somewhere on the net, usually located in a company’s servers) private branch exchange (a fancy way of saying “switchboard”) that lets businesses put all sorts of extra functions into their existing network without spending a ton of money. The functions an IP PBX is likely to enhance are things like video conferencing; voice recognition; endless voice mail storage; caller ID; call forwarding – and various, almost unlimited “standard” functions like call back and direct dialling. Effectively, IP PBX turns a normal business phone system into an all singing, all dancing chorus line of practically unbounded functionality – while the customer only has to pay for a single item.

BT, one suspects, is having nightmares. And so it should. After years of strapping its customers to a barrel with unwieldy, unfairly priced business packages designed to force people to pay for stuff they neither want nor need, Keypoint has developed a simple “pay per item” way of doing things that also offers enormous quantities of functionality under the heading of a single technology. Gone are the days when even just having call forwarding and caller ID meant that a business had to pay for a huge package it didn’t really need: with Keypoint’s competition-killing alternative, they can pay for a single item and get the lot.

About Keypoint Communications

Keypoint Communications provide voice and data solutions to SME's. Using their own national network infrastructure they are able to provide a complete end-to-end solution using their own highly developed vPBX platform.

For additional information on a bespoke IP telecommunication solution and to benefit from this innovative, emerging technology contact Keypoint Communications.

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