Alvandi Law Group in Los Angeles, CA Now Accepts Claims and Lawsuits Relating to Birth Defects

Although specializing in personal injury, workers compensation, and medical device recalls, the attorneys of Alvandi Law Group have experience and success working with families affected by unfortunate birth defects, and expand the firm’s services to meet client needs.

Online PR News – 06-March-2014 – Los Angeles, California – Located in Southern California, Gil Alvandi and his team of professional associates comprise Alvandi Law Group that serves clients in the greater regions of California, as well as class action lawsuits nationally. Alvandi and his experienced lawyers are known for their success in personal injury lawsuits, workers compensation, brain injury, premise liability, and pharmaceutical drugs lawsuits, but now expand the firm to include birth defect cases.

With 1 in every 33 babies born in the United States experiencing a birth defect, Alvandi seeks to mitigate the financial burden families affected by serious birth defects and infant mortality. A large portion of birth defect causes are unknown; however, many may be prevented with proper prenatal care, avoidance of certain substances during pregnancy, and appropriate medical attention during and after birth. Conducting adequate testing during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester, may allow mothers-to-be to receive suitable prenatal vitamins, medications, and nutrition specific to their babies’ needs. Avoiding substances like alcohol, illicit drugs, certain medications, and excess caffeine may also help to ensure pristine health for the unborn child. Other exposure to hazardous chemicals including colorants, solvents, and pesticides in excessive quantities may contribute to birth defects and serious life-altering conditions. If pregnant mothers do not believe they have received optimum prenatal care or have experienced medical malpractice from hospital care, it may be beneficial to consult a professional birth defect attorney Los Angeles, California.

Symptoms of birth defects may include, but are not limited to: seizures, delays in developmental abilities, loss of hearing or eyesight, physical complications or disabilities, swelling of extremities, fatigue, difficulty breathing, and tragically, infant mortality.

Some birth defects may appear mild and may be lessened with appropriate medication. However, life-altering birth defects can greatly affect and strain families, emotionally, physically, and financially. Receiving monetary compensation for medical expenses, medications, surgeries, and the added cost of specialized care may help families with children who live with birth defects.

In regards to offering new claims and lawsuits in relation to birth defects, Gil Alvandi responds, “Birth defects are an unfortunate circumstance of some unforeseen conditions. However, when poor medical attention or hazardous exposures cause unnecessary birth defects, justice should be sought and people should be held responsible. By providing free legal consultations for parents and families who have experienced birth defects, Alvandi Law Group can help to legally and emotionally support families during settlement and claim decisions.”

About Alvandi Law Group

Alvandi Law Group proudly serves individuals, workers, and families across California and nationwide who have been injured or wronged and want resolution and compensation for inequity and injustice. Alvandi Law Group attorneys offer free consultations to potential clients in order to create a personalized relationship and understand the facts pertaining to individual cases. With no obligation legal advice, Alvandi Law Group’s lawyers help to: inform clients of individual rights, seek adequate compensation and justice for losses or injuries, and educate clients of the legal procedures through the whole process. The professional attorneys at Alvandi Law Group have experience dealing with sensitive cases and will advocate their clients’ rights with strong vigor.

Whether personal injury, criminal defense, or seeking justice for a birth defect case, Alvandi Law Group fairly represents and seeks their clients’ best interest.

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