A New Investment Advisory Website Is Launched And With It Come New Opportunities For Its Readers

A powerhouse of investment experience and insight come together to provide its readers the best possible advice in energy, infrastructure and real estate for Latin American emerging markets such as Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

Online PR News – 05-March-2014 – Miami, Florida – A brand new financial investment advisory website is launched and with it come new opportunities for its readers and visitors that are lucky enough to land on it. Barucapital headed up by Rafael Benavente a 20 year financial industry professional with over 12 years of experience in portfolio management. partnered with powerhouses of the industry; Stephen Robert, Chancellor Emeritus of Brown University and Founder of Source of Hope Foundation (To help people in desperate need through a holistic approach that supplies sustainable aid in the form of food, water, health care, education and micro-finance.)
Sebastian Echavarria, Managing Partner of Sabricas Capital Management, a Single Family office based in New York City. Mr. Echavarria was a Managing Director of Highbridge Capital Management and Co Head of Business Development, a $40 billion dollar asset management firm based in New York City.

This powerhouse of investment experience and insight into emerging markets come together to provide its growing client base the best possible advice in energy, infrastructure and real estate for Latin American emerging markets such as the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Chile and Mexico to name a few but as well to balance out the growing spew of the sometimes dangerously erroneous financial advice out there on the internet. The Idea is develop a base of great insightful articles that provide our modern day investor, angel, or freelance entrepreneur with timely, accurate and expert advice to take advantage of the current opportunities and rapidly appear nuances of trending options in principal investment territories of Latin america and the Caribbean.

There is a lot of misinformation out there and for the dynamic modern investor it can be hard to get a clear picture of what is really going on and where one should invest in these prime and opportunistic continents and countries. with that clear understanding in hand and the experience that these gentlemen carry it is only a matter of time for this website, Barucapital to become the most sought after investment advice website for emerging markets in Latin America, an honor that is taken very seriously. so much so that Barucapital website is proud to announce along with it’s grand launch a vital addition to its writing and investigative staff, Mr. Paul Bodnar, a managing director and founding partner of Incremental Insights, an emerging market focused investment research firm. Previously, he was a Vice President and Sr. Equity Analyst at Longbow Research covering Industrials. He was named to the Wall Street Journal’s 'Best on the Street" Analysts in 2011 and received a similar award from the Financial Times in 2010.

With this wealth of investment wisdom and up to date information, investors focusing on emerging markets will be able to count on a new and extremely advantageous relation visiting the website Barucapital.com additionally they have an easy to use registration for a weekly newsletter which aims to deliver to each and every one of its readers those topics and countries that they are most interested in important research and analysis and nothing else. no spam, no unrelated newsletters only that which is most important to the investor. quick and accurate Latin american investment advice.

The website already is off to a fast and strong start with a several articles on the current situations affecting emerging markets such as Market analysis on Brazil’s current real estate situation identifying opportunities and pointing out risks, an expose on how the Chinese commodity demand impacts all of Latin America. readers can expect articles on all the major Latin American Countries, but Barucapital will not limit itself to just covering the south american continent it will keep its all vigilant eye open and alert to any new opportunities to inform its readers and clients, recently for instance an important article was published highlighting the impact and new investment opportunities that the Energy Reform in Mexico has afforded investors.

If you are an investor interested in keeping your ear to the ground and having an informed vision of the investment playing field www.Barucapital.com will undoubtedly be one of your new favorite sources for up to date and expert investment advice.

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Our Mission is to provide outstanding results in Private Equity Investments in Latin America. To take a long term approach to Investing. Focused on capital preservation. Focused providing high risk/reward returns with low overall leverage. To align our interests with the Investors.

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