IMI Delhi: Real account of Personal Interview at top B school for MBA Admissions 2014

In another 'Real account of Personal Interview', is publishing details of a candidate's interactions at IMI New Delhi for MBA Admission 2014.

Online PR News – 05-March-2014 – Noida, UP – In another ‘Real account of Personal Interview’, is publishing details of a candidate’s interactions at IMI New Delhi. (Name of the candidate has been changed to protect the identity.)
Personal interview Round at IMI Delhi
Suvarna enters the room after politely asking for the permission from the panelists (three in number). She greets the panel bidding them good morning with a smile. The panelist sitting in the middle asks her to take the seat which she does, not forgetting to convey note of thanks to the panelist.
There were 2 male with marketing and finance background and 1 female (HR) panelists. She was grilled for about30 minutes by the panelists
P1- Introduce Yourself
Suvarna- Sir, I come from a simple middle class family. I am a B Pharma with 79 percent marks and have consistent good academic record with 91 in Xth and 88 percent in XIIth. I scored a good percentile of 89.88 in CAT 2013. I have been actively associated with various extracurricular activities right from my school level. I have been a consistently good student although never topped the school or college.
P2- Tell us something about your organization
Suvarna- Sir, the organization is registered as a non-profit society with Government of India and is a member of Quality Council of India as a professional educational institute. It presents unique, friendly and interactive platform to get rid of all your GMP related glitches. GMP is an essential element of industries like pharmaceutical, cosmetic, Ayurveda, biotech, homeopathic, medical device and food manufacturing.
P2- What role do you serve in your organization?
Suvarna- Sir, I am assisting senior faculty with the development of training modules and counselling/answering people’s query.
P2- Why do you want to do MBA now?
Suvarna- Sir, I want to take up a managerial role and am ready to face challenges associated with it but before that I want to do MBA so that I have a broader perspective of how things work in an organization and how so many activities go hand in hand. MBA will add value to my background and provide me a good platform in flourishing my career.
P2- What are lean manufacturing practices?
Suvarna- (Answered well, panelist seemed convinced)
P2- What are flexible manufacturing practices?
Suvarna- (systematically answered covering various aspects and points related to it, panelist looked convinced)
P2-What other manufacturing practices are related with Good Manufacturing Practices?
Suvarna- Sir, Quality Assurance and Control, Pharma and healthcare Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Research, Pharmaceutical IPR and Good Laboratory Practice are other ones related to GMP
P2- What is the full form of FDA?
Suvarna- Sir, it’s Food and Drug Administration.
P2- Who is the owner of Ranbaxy?
Suvarna- Sir, Dr. Tsutomu Une is the Chairman of the company and Mr. Arun Sawhney is the CEO and MD of Ranbaxy India.
P2- Who is the owner of Wockhardt?
Suvarna- Sir, Mr. Habil Khorakiwala is the Chairman and Mr. Murtaza Khorakiwala is MD of the company.
P2- What is the overall turnover of Gaur group of Industry? (They meant Jaypee industries)
Suvarna- Sir, it is near about 1.6 billions USD
P2- How much will it be in Indian Rs?
Suvarna- Sir, Rs. 96 Billions approx.
P2- Whats the value of a dollar in Rs?
Suvarna- Rs.62. It goes on fluctuating
P3- Have you decided for any specialization?
Suvarna- Yes sir I look forward for a specialization in HR (Other questions were like Draw the structure of ethanol (provided her paper and pencil); draw the structure of methanol)
The topic for extempore was ‘Drug industry in India’
Suvarna spoke whatever she could gather and stopped herself, when the panelists asked her to, after two minutes.
P2 -You have mentioned that fear in public speaking is your weakness but you spoke well.
P1- yes you were good at speaking
Suvarna- Thanks sir, (little smile on her face). In bigger audience I fear more.
P2- Anything you would like to ask from us?
Suvarna- No sir, thank you very much
P2- OK Suvarna, thank you very much, we wish you all the best.
Suvarna- Thank you sir, Thank you Madam for such a nice learning session.
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