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Coach and Consultant Iris Clermont starts the 28 days program "Get Clients Now!" to show and implement the best ways to acquire new customers. Particularly small and medium enterprises were affected by the current economic and financial crisis. With the 28-day "Get Clients Now!" program consultant and coach Iris Clermont applies to all those who seek a way out of crisis and are looking for successful ways to attract new clients. \r\n

Online PR News – 15-July-2010 – – Herzogenrath, 14 July 2010 - Particularly small and medium enterprises were affected by the current economic and financial crisis. With the 28-day "Get Clients Now!" program consultant and coach Iris Clermont applies to all those who seek a way out of crisis and are looking for successful ways to attract new clients.
With the "Get Clients Now!" program Iris Clermont addresses small and medium enterprises, but also self-employed, sales people and ordinary employees and shows successful tools for winning new customers in times of crisis. Based on the book by C.J. Hayden has Iris Clermont, internationally certified consultant, developed a step by step approach and possible strategies for customer acquisition and sales increase. Participants will be introduced to a wide range of useful methods and approaches to choose from.

"As part of the course, in weekly conference calls, we will clarify which marketing actions actually bring new customers and higher profits and monitor the achievements," said Iris Clermont. "Depending on companies positioning and awareness, it may, or it may not make sense for a company to advertise, to participate in trade shows, to send newsletters or manage PR. Throughout the program we will find out together what marketing activities have the largest coverage and best credibility."

Before start of the program present marketing activities and objectives will be outlined and listed in a detailed briefing. To give you a specific example, it can be either acquisition of six new customers, generation of five new prospects or profit increase of 100,000 Euros per year. In a next step, conditions for successful implementation of these objectives will be highlighted, e.g. an update of personal webpage or customer relation database, etc. Overall, ten daily "to-do activities" will be defined. This may include not only the call acquisition of new customers, but also such surprising statements such as "Sleep eight hours a day!" or "plan setbacks". Over personal calls and e-mail consulting we will monitor the target achievements and highlight the actions sill needed. At the end of the 28-days program participant will possess effective tools to use and to easily continue to achieve marketing goals after the course.

The 28-day-program to attract new customers and increase profit is one of several coaching and consulting services offered by Iris Clermont. The certified coach and consultant´s main focus lies in process optimization, executive and team coaching. Iris Clermont takes a novel, holistic approach that effectively combines coaching and consulting. As a result, a company enjoys a team of motivated employees, who are encouraged to develop new ideas, use best practices and implement them successfully.

Instead of recommendations, forced by classical output of consulting, 90 percent of agreed changes are sustainably and easily implemented. The reasons for this success are obvious for the experienced coach: "The person, who proposes a new idea or action, usually takes an active role in its implementation. In short: The coaching of an employee or of a team supports long-term achievement of business goals and therefore automatically the Consulting part. "

Information on the "Get Clients Now!" program

Course arrangements: weekly conference calls with all participants and individual one-to-one calls
Duration: 07/21/2010 to 08/18/2010, on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. CET time
Preparation call: The goal setting will take place in one-by- one call before the first session. The time schedule will be agreed with each participant.
Registration: by phone at +4917629723943 or e-mail at until 19/07/2010, the following course starts on Thursday, 08.19.2010.
Cost: 300,00 EUR

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Iris Clermont works since 2008 as an independent consultant and coach. Since then she had consulting and coaching projects at such leading companies as KPN, Vodafone Italy, Wind Italy, O2 and T-Mobile International. Main focus of the projects is process efficiency, executive and team coaching. Prior to her independent coaching plus consulting activity, Iris Clermont had successfully completed a degree in mathematics. She was also working for companies such as Ericsson and Nokia in the areas of sales management and services as coach, business and process consultant. In this context, she took a leading part in the conceptual development and implementation of important projects, new structures and process efficiency increase. In order to permanently expand her knowledge and to keep the expertise up to date, Iris Clermont takes part in advanced studies, workshops and conferences. Among other degrees, Iris Clermont is a certified coach of the International Coaching Federation. For more information about Iris Clermont Coaching + Consulting, please visit

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Iris Clermont arbeitet seit 2008 als selbstständige Beraterin und Coach. Seitdem hat sie viele namhafte Unternehmen wie KPN, Vodafone Italien, Wind Italien, O2 und T-Mobile International beraten. Ihre Spezialgebiete sind Prozess und Unternehmensberatung, Team- und Executive Coaching. Vor ihrer selbstständig-beratenden Tätigkeit war die diplomierte Mathematikerin für die Unternehmen wie Ericsson und Nokia in den Bereichen Sales Management und Services als Manager und Unternehmensberaterin involviert. In diesem Zusammenhang war sie maßgeblich an der Konzeption und Umsetzung wichtiger Projekte und der Implementierung neuer Strukturen beteiligt. Um ihr Wissen ständig zu erweitern und ihre Expertise aktuell zu halten, nimmt Iris Clermont regelmäßig an Weiterbildungen und Fachtagungen teil. Sie ist unter anderem nach der Internationalen Coaching Federation zertifiziert. Weitere Informationen zu Iris Clermont Coaching + Consulting erhalten Sie unter

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