NPCS Launches Book On "Production Of Baby Diapers & Sanitary Napkins"

Baby Diapers & Sanitary Napkins constituent an important part of baby & female hygiene respectively. This books provides detailed information about production of baby diapers & sanitary napkins like uses & applications, properties, advantages, raw materials used etc.

Online PR News – 03-March-2014 – New Delhi, Delhi – Baby diaper is nothing but a kind of underwear that allows babies to defecate or urinate in a discreet manner. It is required since everything remains within the diaper and as a result clothes & surroundings dont get soiled.

Diapers requires changing once they become soiled as this might lead to skin problems. Diapers are not only worn by babies/ children but also by adults who suffer from physical disability or are victims of mental illness. It is also worn by astronauts as they work in extreme conditions. In modern world, diapers are generally disposable, which are discarded once they become soiled.

Disposable diapers generally consists of the following components:-

1) Breathable/Cloth-like back sheet
2) Polypropylene Nonwoven (Top sheet and Leak guard)
3) Absorbent core - Wood pulp fluff
4) Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP)
5) Elastics
6) Quick wicking layer / Acquisition and Distribution Layer (ADL)
7) Hot Melts Adhesive
8) Fastening Tapes
9) Moisturising & Fragrant Lotions etc

Sanitary napkin (also known as sanitary pad) is nothing but a absorbent which is worn by women to absorb blood from vagina. It is generally required during mensturation, post birth bleeding, abortion or any kind of vaginal surgery.

There are different kind of sanitary pads available in the market today like panty liner, ultra thin, regular, maxi/super, overnight, maternity etc. Since sanitary pads contain Pesticides, Herbicides, Artificial fragrances, Rayon,Dioxin etc they pose a serious threat to environment.

This book is highly recommended for entrepreneurs who want to enter into this line of business, librarians, consultancy firms, researchers, professionals etc.

Some of the topics covered in this book are:-

1) Introduction
2) Baby Diaper
3) Types of Diapers (Disposable, Reusable: Cloth Diaper)
4) Sanitary Napkins
5) Uses and Applications
6) Sanitary Napkin
7) Properties of Baby Diapers
8) Properties of Sanitary Napkins
9) Advantages & Disadvantages of Disposable Diaper
10) Features of Disposable Baby Diapers
11) Components of Disposable Diaper
12) Raw Materials for Manufacturing of Disposable Diaper
13) Absorbent Pad
14) Nonwoven Fabric
15) Other Components
16) Diaper Structure
17) Diaper Acceptance Criteria
18) Function of Baby Diaper
19) Manufacturing Process
20) Formation of the Absorbent Pad
21) Preparation of the Nonwoven
22) Assembly of the Components
23) Mathematical Models for Disposable Diaper Manufacturing
24) By-Products/Waste
25) Quality Control
26) Process Flow Sheet for Baby Diapers Manufacture
27) Absorbent Pad Formation
28) Formation of Tops heet and Bottom sheet from Non-Woven Fabric
29) Assembly of Components
30) Preparatory Processes for Sanitary Napkins
31) Opening
32) First Stage is Opening
33) Second Stage
34) Third Stand Kiering Bleaching & Washing
35) Bleaching
36) Sterilisation
37) Dry Heat
38) Auto Claving
39) Exposure to Ethylene Oxide
40) Hydro - Extracting
41) Drying
42) Raw Materials Required
43) Raw Materials Description
44) Roll Pulp
45) Non-Woven Fabric
46) Polyethylene Film
47) Tissue
48) Hot Melt & Polyextruded Adhesive
49) Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
50) Silicone Release Paper
51) Specifications of the Raw Materials
52) Wood Pulp
53) Non-Woven Fabric
54) Silicone Release Paper
55) Hot Melt
56) Process of Maufacture of Sanitary Napkin (Preparation of Cotton Lint Sliver - Cotton Opening, Lapping, Carding, Draw Frame, Tissue Paper Wrapping, Manufacture of Sanitary Napkins - Cone Winding, Knitting & Insertion of Tissue paper Wrapped Sliver, Cutting & Looping of Both Ends of Sanitary Napkins, Packing)
57) Process Flow Sheet for Sanitary Napkins
58) Disposable Diaper Machine Photographs
59) Full Servo Baby Diaper Making Machine
60) Specifications
61) Main Technical Parameter
62) Main Function Features
63) Sanitary Napkins Machinery Photographs
64) Fast & Easy Packing Wing Style Sanitary Napkin Equipment
65) Equipment Functions
66) Structure & Configuration
67) Main Technical Parameter
68) Fast-Easy Packing Women Sanitary Pad Machine
69) Function & Assemble Parts
70) Structure & Character
71) Main Technical Parameter
72) Sanitary Napkin Production Line
73) Main Machine
74) Crusher
75) Model: Multiple-Function Machine for Sanitary Napkin
76) Main Production Line
77) Specifications
78) Suppliers of Plant and Machinery & Raw Materials(For Baby Diapers)
79) Suppliers of Plant and Machinery & Raw Materials(For Sanitary Napkins) etc

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