Mobile Application Development with Hero a New Arena for Flex Developer

Adobe’s announcement to introduce Hero seems to revive the Flex development world. It is sure to give Flex developer a new arena to work on and develop applications that would be used by millions of people over the globe.

Online PR News – 15-July-2010 – – “The new arena where the Flex developer will now be able to use Flex development skills is in building Flex based mobile applications” finds iFlexweb.

The findings of the company are based on the announcement made by Adobe with regard to the release of Hero an advanced version of Flex framework. The product is still in the developing stage and would be released for public use by the end of the year 2011.

In the beginning of the year, 2010, Adobe came up with some good news for IT industry and that was it planned to introduce Hero an advanced version of Flex framework. This news followed the release of the much awaited Flex SDK 4 and Flash Builder 4. With such news Adobe is making surely the developer community is at the sweet end of recieving benefits. Most of the web application development platforms available today lack versatility. Applications developed using these platforms though work well online do not work as good on desktop and mobile phones. But with Hero Flex developers over the globe will be able to develop web applications which would run smoothly online, offline that is on desktop as well as mobile phones.

“This is of course news we would have never expected to come our way. It surely will revive the way we work and add more meaning to our flex development work” said a Flex Developer with iFlexweb. Things said and heard about Hero in the industry definitely make it clear that it is going to rock and work wonders for any flex developer.

According to Adobe, they had first thought of developing a unique Flex framework named “slider” especially for smart phones. But found that smart phones in recent times have reached a new level and need something completely unique. Hence they thought of introducing a Flex based framework “Hero” for smart phones. Hero is planned to include all the basic elements of Flex as well as some mobile-specific UI patterns. All the features which were supposed to be included in “Slider” framework will be now bundled up with “Hero”.