Message in the Skye, New book release from writer/author Alice W. Ross

Fiction writer Alice W. Ross releases Message in the Skye, second book of the Kiska Highland Adventure series. Ross puts the main character, Kiska McDermont in the Scottish Highlands amidst ruthless assassins and murders. This time she must travel to the mystic Isle of Skye.

Online PR News – 03-March-2014 – Aiken, South Carolina USA March 2, 2014 – Fiction writer Alice W. Ross has released Message in the Skye, the second ebook of the Kiska Highland Adventure series. After enduring a wild ride through the Scottish highlands in The Pictorial Adventure, Kiska thinks her only excitement will be her new life at the university. But this time there are unforeseeable challenges coming from different directions. In Edinburgh a would-be suitor plans to challenge Gully for her affection and he is willing to put her in danger in order to gain her attention. Deeper into the highlands there is also another man concerned about her return and his fears are life threatening. When he fears her presence will uncover secrets buried in the past he begins to panic. When her father's gift of a storage room key containing the contents of her deceased mother's belongings becomes known, his fears begin to mount. Time is running out; she and her friends frantically try to solve the mystery before assassins succeed in burying her along with the secret. This time she must travel to the mystic Isle of Skye, where the rugged terrain and unpredictable weather make the adventure all the more dangerous.