The Omatrix Launches the First Pick Your Path University

The Omatrix Center is the university for the soul. They have recently announced an alternative path to become educated and to gain spiritual insight, with pick your path university.

Online PR News – 02-March-2014 – Wailuku, HI – The fast pace and amount of information available today requires flexibility in how one works. Those who are interested in expanding their knowledge but need more options with education can take part in the launch of the first university that allows you to pick your path. The Omatrix Center has launched a program that offers flexibility with finances, timing and with your personal needs as the first university that has a pick your path program.

The pick your path university is an innovative concept to balance out the fast track that many are now on while offering educational initiatives in Yoga, meditation, energy medicine and shamanism. The organizational approach offered by the Omatrix is a flexi - path, allowing individuals to tune into individual programs or entire series for their development and growth.

“We know how important it is for individuals to receive an education and also know how difficult it is for them to balance time and even finances. With our desire to provide education and other’s willingness to learn, we believe that the pick your path university can launch into an innovative approach for continuing education,” states Brooke Hart, strategic developer of the Omatrix Center.

With the pick your path university, individuals can tap in whenever they want. Weekly e-courses and online webinars are available. There are also retreats and intensives in Hawaii that one can attend to further their understanding of meditation, Yoga and energy medicine. Individuals that have previous experience can apply this to a number of credits as well. When the credits add up to a specific amount individuals have the ability to step forward into a certification or new career field.

The unique aspects of the pick your path university are furthered with evaluations over one’s credentials. The Omatrix Center found that there are many that have credentials that they are already practicing, often which are fragmented or not with the right segmentation. Those who have past experience can apply to receive credits toward a certification from their past experience. They can then take from 3 months to any number of years with new courses from the Omatrix Center to get the certification they desire.

The concept of the pick your path university first helps students to have flexibility with payments. Instead of larger payments, students can take smaller courses. It also offers flexibility with time where the student decides how long they want to take to receive a certification for their career field. The Omatrix Center simply provides e-courses and intensives while allowing students to organize what fits them best. This is combined with a final evaluation for the certification, which determines the total number of credits and the capacity of the individual in their field of interest.

The Omatrix Center is expecting a continuous growth of the pick your path university in their fields of expertise. The launch of the initial university will be followed with an automated course system, available in 2015. The combined opportunities to learn alternative therapies, Yoga and meditation are designed to provide assistance for individual guidance while allowing any individual interested in an alternative career path with the needed opportunity for growth.