Mywavia studios releases Buddies Words Out for Android

Buddies Words Out ! New Age Hangman- Play Live and Free with your
friends worldwide NOW on Android. - Mywavia Studios

Online PR News – 02-March-2014 – Bangalore, India , 1 March 2014 – Once out there in a serene neighborhood, Children were playing Duck, duck, goose. Close by passes a truck dropping a box of ice cream. Curious, as always, the kids inspect and start fighting to get hold of all ice cream.

'Buddies Words out!' helps resolve the scuffle. Ice cream is put on top of a tree with 3 branches to climb. Solve the puzzle from the opponent and get the kid close to the ice cream and finally win it. The player guesses the word similar to Hangman, where one has a few lives!

From the House of the makers of "Basketball 3D Frenzy". "Buddies, Words Out!" makes a debut on Android.

The game can be downloaded at

The game was first launched with a trailer.

Each player makes a word, using power-ups if needed, and sends it to his opponent. Later the player waits for the opponent to guess the word. The opponent might use many power-ups to guess it correctly. Then its the opponent's turn to make a word and lets the player guess his word. Whoever gets to the top of the tree with 3 branches wins the game.

Power-ups: Power ups guide the players to create a more interesting word or solve a puzzle successfully faster.

The game can be played in many modes.

+ Single player: Computer challenges the player in this mode.
+ Pass and Play: Two players sitting next to each other can play this mode on the same device.

+ Players across the world can play with either random or with facebook friends .

+ To communicate better with other players, chatting option is available.

There are virtual coins to be earned and can be used to buy virtual items on the shop. The items are also uploaded to the leaderboard so you can compete with others.

It can be said "Buddies, Words Out!" is one of the most brilliantly designed game! And the best part is it is completely FREE.