Style with Cindy and Cindy Newstead featured in Weight Watchers magazine

Cindy Newstead, the Director and Head Stylist from Style with Cindy, has been featured in Weight Watchers Magazine, giving people tips on how to reinvent their look

Online PR News – 02-March-2014 – Melbourne – Cindy Newstead is the Director and Head Stylist of Style with Cindy. They main aim of the company is to make people feel better about themselves through styling and self esteem.

This is why it means a lot to Cindy Newstead that she was featured in Weight Watchers Magazine. The magazine is a monthly release, which helps people to lose weight. They also focus on ways to make the readers feel better about themselves on the inside first.

Within the magazine, there is a feature on fashion, which runs in every issue. They give people tips on how to look better, spray tans, which colors are in fashion, and fashions for different seasons. They even run segments on fashions, which are good for physical activities, like dancing the night away.

The readers enjoy this feature because it makes them look towards the future and gives them the extra drive to carry on with their weight loss goals when they might really want to eat a chocolate bar.

Cindy Newstead was published in a feature called Reinvent Your Look. In this feature, she comes to the rescue of the people who have already lost the weight and are looking for ways to reinvent themselves.

She gives them tips on how to amend their current wardrobe so that they don’t have to throw everything away, tips on how to build up a wardrobe slowly and then how to branch out and not just wear the brands that they have always worn.

Cindy Newstead added, “I was delighted to be featured in Weight Watchers Magazine. This type of feature puts me in touch with people who really need my help and would benefit from my advice. It is brilliant for me and the company to have such a helpful feature and I hope we are all featured again soon.”

Style with Cindy has just added a new stylist to the team and they are focusing on how the new member will gel with the team. They always work hard to give their clients the look that they deserve.