Sorbead India introduced a flawless range of Desiccants

- SORBEAD India gladly presents a new range of desiccants, which are now more powerful and more effective.

Online PR News – 02-March-2014 – Vadodara, Gujarat – SORBEAD India gladly presents a new range of desiccants, which are now more powerful and more effective. Desiccants are the best way to protect any fragile items which can instantly react with the atmospheric moisture and can desiccate the quality and effectiveness of the product. The company has launched different varieties of desiccants like molecular sieves, silica gel, and activated alumina. All of these desiccants possess their own feature which differentiates it from the other desiccants. People usually face this difficult question that which desiccant has to be used and which one is the best. The answer to their question is within the purpose for which it has to be used.
Mostly people prefer silica gel variant that is blue, white and orange. Among these blue and orange are the indicating types. The beads change its color to indicate that it is now fully contaminated with moisture vapors and has to be replaced now. The other one is molecular sieves. There are highly porous desiccants which have window openings to absorb moisture molecules. It not absorbs the vapor but it also locks them inside. It is also available in different variants that are 3A, 4A, 5A and 13X based on the size of the window opening. It is available in 3 forms powdered, pelleted and beaded. The last type of desiccant is activated carbon. Many of the users say that this desiccant is better than the other. Its surface is made up of inert alumina balls. These desiccants cannot be used loosely so it found in market in packets. You have the option to either use it individually or use it in combination with the other desiccants. This will enhance the results obtained by the desiccants.
These desiccants are used in many industries like food and refrigeration, pharmaceutical and medicine, electronics and computing and even the clothing industry. This is the best way to protect the any items against mold, rust and fungi. It also helps to retain the freshness and originality of the product. Many of the times these desiccants are used in canisters in huge factories to absorb moisture. This is because the sudden heating and cooling of machineries produces moisture which needs to be absorbed otherwise it can be disastrous as it may produce rust in the machinery.