New Research revealed that have Vegetarian diet to lower blood pressure

Blood pressure is problem which we cant avoid not at all. Its silent killer results in many dangerous disease specially heart problems. Get here best diet to lower blood pressure for healthy livings.

Online PR News – 02-March-2014 – Dubai – Are you suffering from problem of high blood pressure? Then it’s not strange. In India every one person out of three is suffering from this problem. This high BP problem is also known as hypertension. There are many factors causing of this silent killer disease like weight gain, physical activity, alcohol intake and results in various heart problems like heart attack and strokes, Cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, causing loss of vision. Vegetarian diet is best diet to lower blood pressure.

According to new research findings, having a vegetarian diet can assist you to combat this BP problems. Several clinical trials and data were analyzed form 32 studies during 1900 to 2013 where more than 21,000 participants are given vegetarian diet for survey. Several range of diets were also analyze like semi vegetarian, vegan, lacto-vegetarian, ovo-vegetarian and pesco-vegetarian to find relation between vegetarian diet and blood pressure.

According to the American Heart Association, blood pressure readings like 120 mm Hg systolic and 80 mm Hg diastolic (120/80) are normal BP range. And BP beyond 140/90 is high bp. This research has given finding that vegetarian diet is directly associated with lowering blood pressure Participants who were following this diet results in decrease of 6.9 mm Hg for systolic blood pressure and 4.7 mm HG for diastolic blood pressure. In clinical trials participants who were given vegetarian diets had a 5 mm Hg lower systolic blood pressure that was and a 2 mm Hg lower diastolic blood pressure as compared to participants in control groups who were not on vegetarian diet. So for lowering your blood pressure have vegetarian diet to lower blood pressure.

Like every research this study also has limitations too. Its depend on person to person that what is best vegetarian diet for him or her. So researcher can’t tell u how much you can expect to meet the results?

According to diet experts Vegetarian diets are lower in sodium and saturated fats and high in fiber and potassium. So it also helps to lower body mass index. According to Dr. Neal Barnard have lots of fruits and vegetable to lower blood pressure and also try to reduce your sodium intake. Except from your diet you should also do regular exercise and avoid having alcohol.

There are several foods which can help you while preparing diet to lower blood pressure. You can take plant based food which are low in sodium and help to lower blood pressure. Other foods like skimmed milk, spinach, beans, baked potato, banana, soybeans and dark chocolate helps to reduce your blood pressure.

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