Eccotopia to Submit Application for Government Grant

Eccotopia confirms that the company has begun to submit a formal application for grant funding from the South African Department of Agriculture.

Online PR News – 02-March-2014 – Cape Town, South Africa – Cape Town, South Africa - Julian Moses, CEO at sustainable forestation company, Eccotopia, Ltd., says that the company has begun an application for a grant from the South African Department of Agriculture as part of a drive to expand the number of test locations for the Megafolia tree. The patent for the Megafolia Paulownia tree is held by the Pacific Tree Company with whom Eccotopia is proud to have a joint venture agreement to develop Megafolia projects in various regions throughout South Africa.

Mr. Moses says that Eccotopia is seeking a grant for between 20 and 35 million rand citing a need for expansion to take place at a quicker pace than originally envisaged.

“It’s not just a matter of wanting to progress more quickly here at home in South Africa,” said Mr. Moses. “We must also take into consideration the fact that the demands on both mine and my Operations Director, Ariel Haskins’ time have increased significantly as the good reputation of our company’s product spreads. Both of us are being asked to provide consultancy expertise in other parts of the world so we feel it is only right that we ensure that the commitment we’ve made to South Africa will continue even if we are less involved in the day-to-day running of the home projects,” he added.

The application and review process, if successful, will see funds distributed in tranches as and when required and in line with a timetable provided by Eccotopia. The time from application to approval is typically no longer than 6 months

The Megafolia trees’ properties have earned critical acclaim due to the tree’s phytoremediation properties, which have attracted considerable interest from oil and gas producers using hydraulic fracturing or “fracking”.

Megafolia is a trademark of Pacific Tree Company.

About Pacific Tree West, LLC.
Pacific Tree West, LLC has developed proprietary genetics and methodologies in agro-forestry of the Megafolia Paulownia tree, and these Agro-forestry methodologies take advantage of the methods, science, and technologies of agri-business and apply them to the business of raising forests for commercial uses, including Phytoremediation, carbon sequestration, biofuel and energy production.

About Eccotopia, Ltd.
Eccotopia understands the dynamics of combining ecological and environmental improvements with industrialization and profitability. They have begun to explore linkages between ecology and economics, looking to create new kinds of partnerships and enterprise out of environmental protection and restoration initiatives. Eccotopia’s principal commitments are to their partners and the environment.

Eccotopia, Ltd. Is a BVI Corporation with offices in the Republic of South Africa. ISIN # VGG2922031090