GLIIF is Offering Free Hyper Tags for All Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ Accounts

GLIIF is the only branded solution linking the real world to the digital universe by offering free encrypted images to all major social networking sites.

Online PR News – 28-February-2014 – Mountatin View/CA – Following the lead of WeChat offering QR Code integration into their application, GLIIF has announced they are offering at no cost free custom encrypted images to all users on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus. That's over one billion GLIIF's being offered at no cost.

It is a free service for mobile users which includes social networking GLIIF's and an embedded contact GLIIF in the app. The vCard profile information is server based so updates to contact information are instantly deployed. Changing jobs, phone numbers or addresses is never going to be a problem again.

GLIIF is a technology that empowers brands, builds brand networks and opens direct communications with customers at the mobile level.

The GLIIF solution is also being introduced the retail establishments to augment iBeacon deployment for shopper marketing.

Urban Airship is one of many firms deploying in store push messaging, with GLIIF this becomes a visually appealing solution as well.

GLIIF is in BETA and are actively seeking strategic partners and agencies to work with. You can get more information here" target="_blank" class="highlight_link" rel="nofollow">>.

From publications, packaging, in store displays we brand interactivity into every piece with a sophisticated tech. solution and provide a savvy solution for the mobile user.

Every scan adds to a brand concentric network for push and in-app messaging for an open line of communication. Basically a targeted database is established with the GLIIF solution.

GLIIF is also offering partners a significant and repeating new revenue stream.

The GLIIF business model supports generous revenue sharing programs. GLIIF is offering a revenue sharing program of 30%. This includes the corporate account set up fee, individual GLIIF's and in-app and push messaging fees.

Create an account, download the iOS GLIIF Reader mobile application and enjoy.

GLIIF's only competitor is the QR Code. With auto logo insertion and integrated campaign management are all part of the GLIIF system. This also includes analytics. The GLIIF business model supports generous revenue sharing programs for partners. Every GLIIF created can be scanned an unlimited amount of times.

As opposed to the iBeacon RF technology there is no transmission of data using GLIIF. Individual images are printed and displayed. The mobile user chooses to scan and interact with your brand. The mobile application itself is only taking an photo and sending it the GLIIF server for decoding.

The "Trending" section of the GLIIF mobile application places the logo of your brand on the smartphone of the mobile user. They can forward this information and share it using various social networks. The GLIIF Reader for iOS is located here

The GLIIF solution allows retail to market and engage with a sophisticated solution. In store images can also be used for print advertising promotions.

What is GLIIF?
GLIIF is the only branded hyper tag available connecting the real world with the digital one. The GLIIF solution was engineered to connect consumers with the brands and products they care about and provides a platform for future communication on a very personal level.

How is GLIIF different?
A GLIIF is not a QR Code, barcode, or 2d tag. GLIIF is a hyper tag, it is engaging, capable of blending into existing artwork, being branded with logo inserts and providing the ability to build brand concentric databases with every scan. Our exclusive push messaging system allows brands to reach out, at the mobile level, with special offers and news.

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