SmartLipo Triplex - Ensures Amazing Results

SmartLipo Triplex introduced by Cynosure is an advanced body sculpting technique that provides even better definition than conventional liposuction procedures. SmartLipo Triplex ensures amazing results with fast recovery.

Online PR News – 15-July-2010 – – With an aim to lose belly fat or to get ripped six pack abs, many people try all sorts of exercise and diet management. High impact exercise routines often do not make any desired change. Now with the arrival of SmartLipo Triplex, it is not hard to obtain a body image that you considered unachievable. Introduced by Cynosure, SmartLipo Triplex is the first multiplex triple wavelength laser lipolysis workstation that ensures amazing results with fast recovery.

Smartlipo TriPlex with Extended Features

Smartlipo TriPlex features 3 wavelengths: 1064nm, 1320nm and 1440nm in one laser output. Using the combined properties of the three wavelengths, the device delivers effective fat reduction along with the same level of skin tightening that you and your patients demand. It can be effectively performed on the arms, hips, chests, breasts, knees, ankles, waist, chin, abdomen, back, inner thighs, outer thighs, face, buttocks, neck, and other body parts.

Cynosure’s unique, intelligent delivery systems prevent over-treatment. The system can sense your endpoint and with its integrated temperature and motion sensing features, can minimize complications.

Advantages of Smartlipo TriPlex

• Proven tissue coagulation resulting in tightening
• Reduced treatment time and less downtime
• High-definition sculpting capabilities
• Rapid recovery, patients can return to regular activities within a few days
• Less risk of bleeding and bruising

The body contouring procedure done using SmartLipo Triplex requires only local anesthesia, thus reducing the risk of post-operative complications. Choosing an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon is extremely important. Because such a surgeon can always reduce the surgical risks, and help you attain amazing results.