Magnificent Tool Now Available to Migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook 2010

Considerable progress has been made in the area of managing emails on Outlook 2010 with the inclusion of updated Export Notes software.

Online PR News – 28-February-2014 – Evan Swans, 24 Meadow Town,Florida, 32182,United States – Gothenburg, Sweden Now users can migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook 2010 in quick and easy steps. With the launch of Outlook 2010 compliant updated Export Notes software, it is has now been possible for users to get the act of conversion of mails from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook 2010 done in a limited span of time.

Accuracy and Safety
“The tool is a valuable offer for more than one reason. It single handedly manages a huge data files in a more secure way. It has a strong security features which keeps a vigil on any lost data, erased and deleted files during the migration and makes sure that nothing like this happens. It ensures the migration of such files in few seconds. The difference from the previous version is clearly understood in terms of the speed of transfer, security options and other multi-faceted roles,” the Chief Operating Officer of the firm said in a communication with this online reporter.

High Points
The software has been graded as a right software tool to bank upon from various agencies. The certificate of excellence from one Shareware site has put much weight on the software’s credibility, the official remarked. “We are in this service for a long period of time and what matters for us is nothing but clients’ satisfaction. If we could succeed in meeting users’ expectations the revenue part is automatically taken care of. So at the level of work the firm gives weightage and preference to meeting the target of coming out of modern interfaces of wider use that can serve the users’ need of software requirements,” he added further.

The shareware site has rightly said that the present offer of the updated software version of Export notes is really a blessing for those who find the task of migrating emails from Lotus Notes to the Outlook 2010 ( ) platform difficult for it gives more room to users in doing the process in a brief period of time, the executive said.

What is all about the price part of the software? Given such intricate and valuable features, the price is expected to be higher for this sophisticated tool. But this is completely opposite. The tool is not heavily priced at all, the official told.

About the Company: The group provides services in the domain of SharePoint Migration, Email Migration, and NSF to PST Email Conversion ( ) Data Recovery and Office 365, among others.