Portman Travel presents clients with effective ways of reducing their carbon footprint

This press release reveals information regarding how Portman travel help companies to reduce their carbon footprint with their leading and effective travel management service.

Online PR News – 28-February-2014 – Surrey, United Kingdom – Carbon calculator helps companies to keep a close eye on the carbon they produce

For Immediate Release:

(Surrey, United Kingdom, Friday 28th February 2014) – Portman Travel is pleased to present a carbon calculator for their customers to use as part of their travel management service. This carbon calculator allows clients to be aware of the amount of carbon they are producing. By doing this, companies will be able to travel by the most environmentally friendly routes; consequently they can uphold their environmental commitments. The company recognises how important looking after the planet is in and this is why they have offered this innovative and effective service. They are committed to minimising their own corporate footprint as well.

Portman Travel is one of the leading travel management companies in the whole of the United Kingdom, and even the world. They have over 50 years’ experience in this industry and thus they have managed to achieve an incredible reputation. They believe they stand out from the crowd because their approach is different. The state that their ‘customers are at the heart of everything they do.’ If that wasn’t enough, they are also responsible for a wealth of incredible innovations in the industry. This includes the likes of an emergency out of hour’s service, a market leading customer care programme, comprehensive management information and an online fulfilment centre. This has allowed the company to present one of the most comprehensive travel management solutions available in the modern day. Clients have the chance to lower costs, maximise efficiency and of course reduce carbon footprint. Travelling has never been easier, or more profitable.

Their carbon calculator is particularly noteworthy as it represents how Portman Travel upholds their environmental responsibilities. They recognise the impact their business can have on the natural environment and therefore they do everything to minimise their footprint as much as possible. This does not only relate to their own activities, but also that of the clients they help as well. This is why their carbon calculator is so significant. It allows businesses to really assess how much damage they are doing, and thus make the changes needed to operate via a more environmentally friendly manner.

All individuals need to do is head to Portman travel’s website to discover further information regarding the company and the service they provide. People will note that they are connected with all of the leading airlines, have a wealth of international knowledge, an excellent reputation, and consequently the ability to cater to all corporate travel needs. Nonetheless, if anyone would like to get in touch with the company directly they can do so by calling the following number, 0800 731 1627. On the other hand, they can send an email to newclients@portmantravel.com. The company is always happy to answer any queries and will aim to respond as quickly as they can.

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