Delicious Edible Herbs or Vegetables from a Pencil, Introducing Sprout from Publicite Ad Factory

Publicite Ad Factory Unveils Sprout, the pencil with a flavourful punch.

Online PR News – 27-February-2014 – Montreal, Quebec – MONTREAL, CA - It’s a Pencil. No, it’s a plant. Actually it’s both.

Intrigued? So were we and that’s why Publicité Ad Factory® Inc., is rolling out Sprout into the Canadian marketplace. It is the world’s first pencil that transforms into your favourite herb or vegetable – think basil, dill, parsley, eggplant or even green peppers.

Produced from sustainable cedar wood, clay, graphite and organic seeds Sprout is extremely easy to write with and contains no toxic materials, including no lead. When your pencil gets too short to write with, instead of creating unnecessary waste by throwing it away you turn potential garbage into edible food.

When the pencil becomes too short to write with just turn it upside down, planting, watering and caring for it as where most pencils have an eraser, Sprout has a seed container.

It’s a pencil that wants to be a plant when it grows up,” says Publicité Ad Factory® Inc., president and CEO Andrew Severs. “Sprout is handmade and non-toxic, cuts down on waste and transforms into healthy, fresh food you grow at home.”

Sprout comes in the following varieties and is available in minimum orders of 200, with mix and match options starting at 25 per variety.

Cherry tomato
Green Pepper
Heirloom Basil
Heirloom Cherry Tomato

“When the seed capsule is exposed to moisture it begins to degrade, releasing the seed within Sprout and starting its germination. It will take two to three weeks before it sprouts and about four to five weeks before some of these fresh herbs are ready to be used for cooking,” adds Mr. Severs, noting that products like Sprout are not only in demand but are a major step forward to more sustainable living practices.

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