Launch of Mobile/Web Application for reporting articles/documents lost in Delhi

Delhi Police has consistently been adopting new methodologies and technologies to enhance its service delivery capacity.

Online PR News – 28-February-2014 – New Delhi – Delhi Police has consistently been adopting new methodologies and technologies to enhance its service delivery capacity. Our endeavour has been to identify areas where newer means can help in reducing public inconvenience and consequent dissatisfaction with police functioning. One such area is lodging of lost report in Police Station. To overcome the public inconvenience, a web based application has been developed by Delhi Police.

One of the sore points with those coming in contact with the police is the difficulties experienced by them when they have to approach police to lodge information/complaint regarding inadvertent loss of some document/article. Lodging of report of such losses very often is indispensable because most of the authorities responsible for reissue of lost document/article insist on submission of a police report as an evidence of the factum of loss.

On many occasions, such losses are detected by the victims after some gap of time and on certain occasions, exact place and time of loss may not even be known to them. Some reluctance on the part of the police in lodging the report is also encountered by the victims as they may not be aware of the precise jurisdictional police station to be approached for lodging a report. In particular, persons in transit or tourists rarely find it possible to go back to the place where the loss of document/article might have occurred.

The difficulties experienced in lodging the seemingly innocuous police report in respect of lost document/article, therefore, often generates public dissatisfaction towards police. In addition, the systems for lodging of such reports are not very well defined and certain loose conventions presently govern police response in dealing with such information. Acknowledgements given to the persons tendering such reports vary from place to place. Consequently, accurate statistical compilation of data about missing documents/articles is not possible for analysis and record.
In view of the above, Delhi Police has decided to enable mobile and web based recording of information with police about lost articles. An appropriate Mobile and Web-based application has been designed for lodging such reports. There will be no need for a person, if one so chooses, to go to a police station. Once an information is lodged through mobile or on web, a printable digitally signed report would be instantaneously sent in reply.

Such trouble free lodging of information, where a digitally signed report will be instantaneously sent back, brings about a paradigm shift in police functioning. This service to be provided by Delhi Police has tremendous potential for scalability and is going to be a precursor to the lodging of FIRs in respect of certain offences on mobile or web in the near future.

Following conceptualization of the contours of web/mobile based lodging of lost reports by Sh. Bhim Sain Bassi, Commissioner of Police, Delhi, the apps have been developed under the close supervision of Sh. Dharmendra Kumar, Spl. CP Crime and Sh. S.B.K. Singh, Jt. CP Crime by Sh. Mahesh Batra, Addl. DCP-IT and Sh. Rajan Bhagat, DCP CRO with the help of M/s ACSG Consulting & Development Pvt. Ltd., M/s P.C. Solutions & M/s Microsoft and M/S Himalayan IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. with significant contribution by The staff of SCRB and IT Centre .

This Mobile Application, has been launched by Hon’ble Union Home Minister Sh. Sushikumar Shinde on February 27, 2014 at 1600 hrs at Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi.