Family Still Matters TV Show Produced and Created by Alander Pulliam and DaJohn Garrett

Television and Film Producer Alander Pulliam recently spoke about his latest project “Family Still Matters” has no relation to the Hit show "Family Matters" but still with the same morals and values.

Online PR News – 28-February-2014 – Los Angeles, CA – Los Angeles, CA, February 27, 2013 -- Entertainment Mogul and Film Producer of “Like Mike” Alander Pulliam is at it again in 2013, Pulliam is the Executive Producer of a new and relevant TV Show entitled “Family Still Matters”. Pulliam takes the premise from the late ABC TV Show, “Family Matters” but provides an urban spin highlighting current relevant issues centered on a middle-class family. Pulliam felt that the concept of that show is needed in today’s TV world. While “Family Still Matters” takes from the concept of an urban middle class family the show isn’t built directly from the original show. Look forward to meeting new characters to love and to tolerate in Producer/Writer Alander Pulliams, “Family Still Matters”.

Family Still Matters is in the process of casting although the majority of the cast has been revealed. Actor Hanif Carter and voice over artist in Black-Knight, Santa Clause 2 and other film and television projects will be starring asDJ aka Dajohn Garrett. It is also slated that “JoMarie Payton” who played Harriet Winslow in the original cast of Family Matters will be playing Grandma Ida. “Family Still Matters” is a show that will help create a reason for families to come together. Today, families now have no interest in watching shows that bring the family together, kids often watch one program and adults watch another but families are not actually sitting down and watching TV together. Alander Pulliam shared “I want to bring a
TV show of the past and help center the future of television around it again. I may be young and I may be ahead of myself but I know that with a TV program such as this family’s will be more mended, more settled, and more responsible. “Family Still Matters” is about a family that is faced with many of today’s problems such as, ‘bills, lay-offs, finding employment, the inability to afford family necessities, on the edge of losing everything, and many more of today’s middle class family crisis.’ The goal of “Family Still Matters” is to help bring back the old remedies along with today’s generation, help guide, teach and direct and create a better thinking process that will help individuals faced with today’s hardships and family

LBN TV NETWORKS and TBS will be discussing the logistics for the future of “Family Still Matters”, as filming has not started, a spokesperson from LBN TV NETWORKS stated. Filming is slated to start around mid to late October with the exception of the upcoming holidays. The goal is to release the TV Show worldwide on Christmas day. For many of us that know Alander Pulliam, he is always working on new ventures, while processing new TV Shows and developing new movie concepts, he also helps and mentors the up and coming generation of tomorrow. As a matter of a fact with the TV show, “Family Still Matters” he has hired several aspiring entertainment moguls to help develop and build the TV show concept, with that being said, “Family Still Matters” goal is to help maintain and keep our youth and their families together.

“Family Still Matters” is a mixture of Family Matters and The Cosby Show in which was the main goal for Alander Pulliam, ultimately to bring back the old TV programs that had substance and morals and just not capitalizing and handicapping consumers and viewers mind and thought process. Pulliam explains, “What you will see when you watch this TV show is going to really make you think and understand what a real family is and also see the strong and weak parts that will help many of today’s families overcome obstacles and hurtles that they haven’t seen away out of or through. Nothing against other TV shows and their producers but if you take away from the substance of anything it will give you another outlook and if you present something new to a set of new faces it often seems real, and that’s what TV shows are doing today; their painting a bad picture to a new set of eyes. For those in the newer generations, that didn’t get a chance to grow up on shows such as the Cosby show, Family Matters, Full House, Sanford and Son; you have missed out on real TV and real family time. That’s why we are bringing it back with a whole new flavor but with the same ingredient’s, Family Still Matters will be that Show you will say, “OMG I Love this show”. And you will see everyone wanting more and more of it. Healthy TV causes healthy lifestyles and that’s what we are about at the same time we will still bring you laughter, love, ups and downs and ‘all arounds’. Ultimately, you will see yourself grow from tuning in.” For more information about the show, or if you’re interested in arranging Interviews or meetings with anyone in our cast or crew.

Los Angeles, CA