During May 2010 the Rental Prices in Kiev Noteworthily Increased the First Since the Crisis Began

Diplomat Service is Kiev apartments rent agency that was established in 2005. Now agency offers best choise of Kiev rentals for any budget.

Online PR News – 15-July-2010 – – After the financial crisis had an impact on rental market especially in Kiev during 2008, a paying capacity of citizens decreased in several times. Realtors been forced to operate at a los. The rent in Kiev been cut in prices. Most stable, flexible and developed realtor companies managed to remain on market.

Due to increasing of business activity and the pro-Presidential party members have arrived to Kiev, we can see that rental prices of apartments in Kiev are growing the first since September 2008. It became more difficult to find a worthy accommodation in Kiev, comparably with its cost and furniture.

Is there anybody who been trying to find accommodation and do not “serf” an internet? And what could we find there? A lot of pictures of “incredible” flats in downtown, bright, with excellent conditions etc. How much they are? From $100 up to $1000 and even more! And how many people really seen that offers? Probably 10% from all “surfers”. No one realtor would not show you real situation at there accommodations. To not caught on this hook, it is necessary to choose honest realtor, compare a “picture” with the price. Because from one hand you could get good furniture, plasma home cinema, Jacuzzi, but from other – cockroaches under this furniture, “too active neighbors” which are louder then your home cinema, and as an option – recycling factory in your yard.

So try to find the most realistic view on accommodation, ask your potential realtor when he made the last refurbishment. And if you are going to have a business in Ukraine try to find Kiev apartments preferably on right coast of Dnipro river, because it is extremely hard traffic there from left to right side in the morning and backwards in the evening.

Most of Kiev apartments left the same conditions since last year. However several realtor companies, such as "Diplomat service" keeps their mark. They prefer to get less income instead loosing potential clients, and keep their Kiev apartments in good conditions. Considering modern tax assessments act which is going to be passed, trying to sustain the prices the same as late Aprils’ level this year.

So concluding everything above mentioned let us suggest, if you are going to Kiev and would like to establish your own business try to find apartments in Kiev now, because later Kiev rents would be higher. And the last but not least as longer would you leas an accommodation in Kiev so less could be rent rate.