Limewire receives competition from Ares Download P2P music, movie and file sharing program

Limewire receives competition from Ares Download P2P music, movie and file sharing program

Online PR News – 15-July-2010 – – Limewire has been considered an authority application in the file sharing program industry but Ares Download sites are giving the software a complete run for its money. The software allows anyone from anywhere to share downloaded files with one another over a large database where music, movies, software, games and so much more are popular demands. File sharing programs and software has been around for awhile but we haven't seen such a well crafted, unique system like what Ares has delivered. Ares Download links have spread consistently over the web and users are dying to us the incredibly array of features that the software brings to the industry.

The foundation consists of exciting new features, powerful download sharing capabilities, a media player, advanced technology by accelerating download speeds by dividing them into sections and even BitTorrent protocol support. If you’re the social butterfly that wants to migrate to a new system, Ares Galaxy also allows you to enter chat rooms, host your own chat and add friends. The new software combines technology from social networking sites like Twitter

Everyone is looking for software that combines all of their favorite things into one, automated system. How annoying is it to have several icons on your desktop, each of them serving their own unique purpose. It's no different when you have several bookmarks and favorite websites, each of them with different functionality and purpose as well. Ares Galaxy developers wanted to focus on the improvements they could make with this daunting task of combining multiple powerful elements into one solid application.

The end result of Ares Galaxy appears to be perfection. With a quick overview of the features, a few short "test" file shares and some browsing of the functionality, it definitely didn't skip a beat. Not to mention that the graphical interface is virtually flawless. Every pixel of the software appears to be aligned correctly, adequately detailed and the graphics look stunning. Ultimately, it's a replacement to my outdated Limewire software that I've been treading so much. Limewire is full of bugs and viruses. It's a scary situation when downloading and transferring files. Thankfully, Ares Galaxy has complete anti-virus support that works with your anti-virus software to meet an effective, virus stopping solution. We couldn't ask for more so check out the Ares Downloads that are widely available and see for yourself.