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07/15/2010 is a wholly on-line advisory service offered by Carlyle Finance, a division of FirstRand Bank Limited (London Branch), an independent provider of motor finance products to the UK market.

Online PR News – 15-July-2010 – – Llanishen, Cardiff New website can provide you with a practical online service that can help you choose the right car finance option for your budget.

What is Car Finance?
Buying a new car can be a big financial commitment and you may not be able to afford the car you want just by trying to build up your savings. You could consider whether you qualify for a car loan to get the car you want, without overstretching your finances. Car loans and purchasing options from dealers provide you with a way to get the right car for your needs at monthly repayments you can afford.

How Can Benefit You ( is part of Carlyle Finance. This company has been providing financial services for over 40 years and has a wealth of experience in the industry. can help you to find out which car loan deals would be best suited for your circumstances and provide a number of useful tools including:
- Car Loan Calculator – you can quickly and easily find out how much money you will need to repay on each credit car loan deal by using this calculator. Simply type in the amount you want to borrow and the interest rate and loan duration. Then just click the ‘Update’ button and the total amount of interest will be calculated for you. This is an easy way to compare both secured loans and dealer finance options side by side.
- Bank Loan Advice – if you are thinking about taking out a loan with your bank to finance your car then have a useful bank loan section. This provides more information about this type of credit and the main advantages and disadvantages to borrowers.
- Savings Calculator – You may be thinking about using some of your savings to buy your new car. However it could actually work out to be more expensive in the long run to use your hard earned savings on a car purchase. You could stand to lose a lot of interest by using your savings and you may be better off taking out a loan to buy your new car instead. To help you work out the best options ( provides an online savings calculator. You can type in the amount you want to use for your new car and the details of your savings account rates. This will then calculate for you how much it would cost you in interest to use your savings at just the click of a button. can provide some practical advice that can help you choose the best suited way to finance your new car. This advice is straightforward and easy to understand and is combined with some useful tools to help you quickly and easily calculate your options.


Powered by Carlyle Finance and backed by the FirstRand Bank, is a newcomer to the car loan finance market of the UK. With the huge experience of Carlyle Finance along with the support of FirstRand Bank, has become very popular in helping people in the UK to find the best car loan that suits their needs.

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