Frustrated Pharmacist Turns To Mobile Technology To Clear The Confusion On Natural Hormones For His Clients And Colleagues

Independent pharmacist utilizes the growing mobile technology platform to create smart phone app that clears the confusion and provides the facts about bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

Online PR News – 15-July-2010 – – (Saint Joseph, MI)It’s no secret; we are fast becoming a mobilized world with the advents of technology leaning towards smart phones and what are known as ‘apps’. ‘Apps’ are short for ‘application’s’ and they act as mini websites or information portals for quick access on the face of one’s phone. Apps come in the form of video games to reference databases and newsfeeds. Many say this mobile platform is the new marketing frontier, providing additional real estate to get information out to prospects and customers. In fact, numbers show that at the end of 2009, there were some 4.1 billion cell phones in regular use around the world, while (only) 2.1 billion people regularly going online.

An independent pharmacist who specializes in nutrition and what is known as bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is turning to the App World to be able to provide his customers and fellow practitioners information that is not readily practiced or accessible in the allopathic medical community.
“Bio-Identical hormone replacement therapy is always a hot topic, one of controversy”, explains Robert B. Kress RPh CCN, of the free health information website, “You have two strong schools of belief, bias and passion, one for and the other against bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, which inevitably leads to a mass of confusion placed upon the patients. In owning my own compounding and nutritional pharmacy I have seen patients grasping for answers and information that they could trust.”

So Kress turned to technology. Realizing that information can be and is placed in books and on websites, it’s usually at a time when someone is not online or has that one book in their hands that they need the answers that they are looking for. “That’s the beauty of the smart phone age; we can basically access unlimited amounts of information in the palm of our hands, instantly. Search at any given time, we don’t have to be in front of our computer or visit a local book store”, say’s Kress.

“The first app that my wife and I created was iHormones, which represents the perfect solution to access information to natural hormones, nutrition, and even food charts and recent news that we wish we had when owning our own pharmacy. To be used as a reference ourselves, recommend to our customers, and get information to the pharmacy students we worked with who are not taught this information in pharmacy and medical school. It really fills a major need on many levels.”

In response to an article on the L.A Times website on July 12, 2010, explaining how many health care professionals are warning the public and purchasers of these app’s that the information might not be reliable while health related apps are growing by leaps and bounds, Kress says, “That is why in our iHormones app we provide not only credible resources for people to turn to, but provide a reference area that backs to information which we provide. We are sharing real science.”
Robert’s App iHormones can be found in the Apple Application Store, along with other app’s he has created with his wife Amy, such as “Vitamins Rx”, “Find a Compounding Pharmacy”, “Natural Menopause” and more to come. Robert say’s he has decided to focus on the apple operating systems for the present time because apple has shown a larger, app friendly customer base.

For more information on natural hormones or even how the mobile market can help you as a patient or a practitioner, contact Robert B Kress at (269) 588-0509 or email him at