TL Sanli Lighting Company Ltd. increases production on starting new plants outside Guangzhou city

TL Sanli Lighting Company increases its production capacity by setting up new manufacturing plants near Guangzhou city.

Online PR News – 28-February-2014 – Guangzhou, Guangdong – Renowned and reliable name in the field of production of LED technology based illumination products TL Sanli Lighting Company Ltd. increases its production by one-third as compared to older capacity of 2000(two thousand) product per day. New Manufacturing/production plant is established outside Guangzhou city and is fully equipped with latest technology based machines and equipments.
Jackie Sanli CEO of TL Sanli Company says “Our aim is to spread our highly efficient, effective and economical products in every part of the world. We are already certified from various organizations of international reputation. From last year demand of our electronic products is increasing day by day. So to fulfill the and cope with Demand and supply balance we are going to start a new manufacturing unit which will increase our production capacity”. He further added that “We are also going to set up a new building for testing departments which will help us in continuously producing materials or equipments of high quality for which we are known”. This new manufacturing plant is spread in the area of 2000 square meters and is located on main highway 5km outside the Guangzhou city.
TL Sanli Lighting Company annual budget in 2013 was 20 million dollars, which clearly show their impact on the electronic market. In a recent interview Jackie Sanli (CEO) says our target is to increase our financial profit up to 50 million dollars up to the end of the year 2014. These high ambitions and current popularity of this company creates competitive tension in many other big brands.
LED Grow lights and LED Panels of TL Sanli Co. Ltd is world famous and considered as one of the most reliable, efficient, energy saving and economical illumination device. “Company focuses on maintaining high quality and reputation of earlier products, but also launch some new designs and new technology based products in the market until end of the year 2014” said Jackie Sanli.