MONEY-BACK Guarantee on Bio-Microbics Inc.’s S.O.S (Save Our Septic) Program

The S.O.S Program launched by Bio-Microbics promises to get rid of the symptoms related to a biologically failed system within one year. If they’re unable to do so, the company promises complete refund of costs.

Online PR News – 26-February-2014 – 2/24/2014, Shawnee, KS – Shawnee, KS The RetroFAST Septic Enhancement System is a registered process designed to treat commercial and residential septic systems. Soggy lawns, foul odor and other problems indicative of biomat buildup can be sorted easily and effortlessly. RetroFAST also helps to extend the life of drain fields without the use of chemicals or additives. All of this is done through Bio-Microbics Inc.'s S.O.S Program.

A failed septic system can be due to several reasons like overuse, underuse, improper use, algae, additives etc. Once RetroFAST is installed, almost 90 -95% of the water is treated inside the tank. It also provides dissolved oxygen to the drain field. "This is unlike conventional septic systems where only 15-20% of the water is treated inside the tank," says a spokesperson for the advanced wastewater system manufacturer.

Untreated water contains a high amount of nitrogen that promotes the growth of algae and other organisms. This only leads to a buildup of a slimy layer that clogs the trench and leads to foul odor and soggy lawns. But the RetroFAST's advanced technology ensures that dissolved oxygen is in constant contact with the incoming waste thereby reducing pollutants and digesting excessive biomat. When this happens, the soil automatically becomes free to accept septic effluent.

"Our RetroFAST system can be installed in your existing tank without replacing it or digging up your yard. It takes less than half a day to get the process going and is safe for the environment as well," adds the spokesperson.

Besides manufacturing treatment technologies for commercial and residential septic systems, Bio-Microbics also offers several products for sewage treatment, grease removal and maintenance and storm water treatment.

About Bio-Microbics:

Bio-Microbics is an award winning company involved in the manufacture of decentralized wastewater, septic system enhancements and stormwater system products. They have undertaken more than 42,000 installations in more than 60 countries across the globe.

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