Dunkin Donuts employs High Performance Systems to install commercial kitchen flooring

Commercial kitchen flooring is important to businesses. Laminate flooring is stylish, and it offers health benefits.

Online PR News – 26-February-2014 – Middlesex, NJ – High Performance Systems Corp. has been tapped by Dunkin Donuts to keep its operation safe and sweet by installing the best commercial kitchen flooring according to industry standards today.

The global brand that has been known answering cravings for donuts and coffee for more than 60 years gave its commissary in Virginia a big makeover and hired HPS to install urethane cement Food service flooring. The property spans 3,200 square feet and has been done according to the highest standards to satisfy any food auditing services that will be done in the premises.

"Urethane cement flooring for commerical kitchen flooring is the top choice for businesses that have to endure high-impact abuse and temperature shock. It is a popular choice for food processing facilities, commissaries, freezers, or those that will be exposed to a lot of water such as in dishwashing area, among others," said a spokesperson for High Performance systems.

"When you install a urethane cement flooring, you basically create a smooth and seamless surface without any cracks or holes. This condition will make the floor very easy clean and maintain, plus no cracks means no chance of bacterial growth on surfaces that are often missed during cleaning," he added.

HPS explained urethane cement flooring for commercial kitchen floors are basically of solid color but texture may be varied. Just like how the donuts of its client vary in color, this kind of flooring can be customized to fit the need and preference of the client. Colorful designs can also be implemented on the flooring to make it more interesting.

"There are a lot of benefits with the kind of flooring Dunkin Donuts asked us to install. Urethane cement flooring, aside from its design, has a quick turnaround. You do not even have to prime the surface," the HPS representative said.

Dunkin Donuts' commissaries produce hundreds of products with volumes that may be unimaginable for someone who is not in the business. Because of this the schedule of production at its commissaries is very rigorous and a tough floor is part of the equation to keep with deliveries and all.

A well designed commercial kitchen floor makes life a lot easier for the staff. Urethane cement flooring is expected to deal with the foot traffic, push carts rolling here and there, very hot cooking equipment, coolers, among others. Urethane cement kitchen floorings can last for years.

"We are very satisfied with how HPS' team coordinates and works. They were very professional throughout the process," said a Dunkin Donut representative.

"At HPS, the goals of the client are of utmost importance. We make sure that professionalism that has kept our business through the toughest times of our economy is maintained. Of course, durability of our floorings is our pride through the years of being in business.

For your commercial kitchen flooring needs and other flooring requirements, please contact High Performance Systems at 1800-928-7220 or visit http://www.highperformancesystems.com/Commercial_Kitchen_Flooring_Installation.html. You can also drop by at 436 Lincoln Blvd., Middlesex, NJ.