Up On Top - Announcing Successful Launch

Following their recent product launch, Up on Top's spokesman Andy Smith was quick to praise the company's business model. With a portfolio of carefully sourced and selected products.

Online PR News – 26-February-2014 – London/London – "It's not the regular approach of a business, I know, but we believe it's what's important" Smith explained. This approach, he suggested, coupled with the company's partnership with the world's largest digital retailer, is what has led to their recent successes.

Unlike many companies, who will target an industry or a demographic, much of Up On Top's recent success has stemmed from their ability to focus on "needs" and simply looking for ways to help people. Asked to explain further, Andy Smith suggested that "there are always these little knots and snags in everyone's day that once ironed out - can make life so much more frictionless - and hence enjoyable." It's in identifying these little glitches in our day that led them to the fitness industry and the http://www.up-on-top.com/foamroller specifically.

"It may not seem it at first, but we believe this product fits perfectly into our portfolio." Smith suggested, "With people working so hard at a desk all day, the opportunity to unwind in a simple and easy manner is imperative. We designed the Elevated Sports Foam Roller to fill this need." With many customers praising the product, it seems that the company was justified in its decision. One of its chief aims, it was explained, was to target ways in which customers can - as they put - "lighten their day."

Andy Smith was also sure to praise the distribution method which the company relies on. In an exclusive partnership with Amazon, including frequent special sale prices, Up On Top seem to have found their perfect match with the successful launch of Foam Roller on Amazon.co.uk. "We were considering traditional retail outfits, but the mark up on the products seemed too high. We wanted to keep the cost low, to make sure that our solutions remain simple yet very accessible."

With so much recent success, it was no surprise to hear Andy Smith elucidating over the company's successful business model. "We believe that customers really benefit from these simple solutions, and we don't want any of the credit: we want the customer to get the sense of satisfaction at a problem solved."

By targeting specific issues, Up On Top seem keen to become the go-to name for elegant and effortless solutions. And by continuing their partnership with Amazon, it seems all the ingredients are there for customers to continue to respond in a positive manner.