Up On Top Releases Innovative Chimney Draught Stopper

As winter sets in, Up on Top is proud to offer their innovative, yet practical Chimney Draught Stopper - a unique solution to a widespread problem in the UK.

Online PR News – 26-February-2014 – London/London – So, Question: What would you, or do you do, if your room has draughts, noise, soot and/or birds' mess coming down the chimney into it?
Answer: Put in an inflatable draught stopper. As the experts say: "a quick and cheap way to cut down your energy bills is by fitting draught excluders." (Real Homes Magazine.)

But aside from its obvious novelty, what is it that's really getting people so excited about this new solution? Well, if to the original question you answered anything along the lines of: insert carrier bags, newspapers or bin liners, to the more adventurous – an inflatable exercise ball – then the simplicity of Up on Top's Chimney Draught Stopper becomes more apparent.

And where - as is now clear - alternatives can be ropey, messy and potentially dangerous, the design of the Chimney Draught Stopper is seen to excel by promising more than: draught, excessive heating cost and debris prevention. But also promising easy installation, a little ventilation, flexibility for removing and replacing, and safety. For all this - after installing - Up on Top's customers have been known to boast of their DIY prowess.

Others needn't know; all that is required for installation is: measuring the size of the chimney, a pair of lungs to lightly inflate it, a pair of hands to gently install it a foot up the chimney and a little more inflating till it grips the chimney walls.

Why ever take it out? Up on Top suggests for the family occasions, sitting around a crackling fireplace on a winter's evening. And if the chimney draught stopper is accidentally left in, and the fire is lit - it will shrivel up in under a minute and let smoke back through the chimney.

To round this all off, Up on Tops' Chimney Draught Stopper is also intentionally backed by Amazon's trusted payment methods and fast delivery. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Chimney-Draught-Stopper-Kit-Rectangular/dp/B00GPPW6C4