EventKloud Announces Release of Event Marketing & Real-Time Analytics Tool

EventKloud is an event intelligence platform for professional marketers. Our SaaS solution simplifies and enhances the event marketing process. Our event marketing automation tool focuses on distribution, audience engagement tracking and real-time analytics.

Online PR News – 26-February-2014 – WASHINGTON DC – CEO Randall Olade today announced the beta roll-out of EventKloud, an event marketing solution that helps businesses easily market events, saving them time and increasing event attendance.

The EventKloud platform is engineered to help businesses spend less time on repetitive marketing tasks associated with getting the word out about an event, and more time on hosting a great event for customers. EventKloud has built-in event engagement technology that lets event professionals distribute and track an event in minutes, by helping to build blazing fast buzz for events across social media, mobile, email & more.

With our simple event content management system(CMS), users are able to keep event information synchronized across their website, social media and more. On the other hand we embrace offline marketing, with the use of QR code driven campaigns, SMS or hash-tag based campaign, combined with mobile check-ins at the event and simple mobile surveys sent to attendees after the event. All of this collected data is then utilized by EventKloud’s platform diagnostic dashboard to help businesses analyze their event’s success by compiling and forwarding analytics about the event, such as views, attendance rates, loyalty rates, social traction and survey results.

A number of pilot customers in the DC Metro region that already use the software report that they’re very excited by the beta release. “With so many businesses throwing events regularly, EventKloud has created a simple system that allows them to integrate multiple marketing channels to significantly enhance the entire event cycle for event professionals, from creation and planning to post evaluation and follow-up. Whether you’re looking to turn your happy hour, political event, conference, sporting events or art classes into a mobile app, boost ticket sales or create a viral sensation, EventKloud is the fastest route to easily engaging your audience,” says Randall Olade.

Backed by over a decade of experience in the event industry and the technology sector, the creators tested the software in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland over a eight month period prior to launching the beta version. The full version will go live in April, 2014. For more information, visit www.eventkloud.com or follow the revolution on www.twitter.com/eventkloud

About EventKloud

EventKloud is a startup that uses the power of predictive marketing to enhance event marketing & audience engagement for both event professionals and participants. With a near decade in events management, marketing and mobile and web technologies, EventKloud has helped clients reach over a million prospects through strategic marketing and promotional campaigns.

Headquartered in Washington DC, EventKloud is the leading provider of event marketing & real-time analytics.