Agency Kellenföl Advertising present innovative service multimedia for iPad

The multimedia Kellenföl iPad ® service is a real iOS platform character "International Cloud" for multimedia, interactive and dynamic products, services and strategic content iPad ® presentation.

Online PR News – 26-February-2014 – Barcelona, Spain – · Centralized management and update, which is displayed immediately on devices anywhere in the world, entails great flexibility in the distribution of information and total control of communications.

· The system allows you to track the activity of multimedia production teams, sales trainers, achieving improved efficiency in content, and optimize your productivity.

Now in Spain, provided by Kellenföl Advertising agency, the iPad ® multimedia service, an innovative tool that complements B2B (business management, marketing, sales, training) and B2C (final consumer) multimedia communication service.
Kellenföl’s multimedia service is a platform for iPad ® presentations of products, services or different needs that brings as novelty the immediate updating and content monitoring as well as tracking the activity of commercial equipment.
The system uses the iPad ® as mean of communication, regardless of the strategic approach that deploys all its resources in each of the associated devices.
Unlike other platforms currently being implemented, iPad ® of Kellenföl multimedia service provides multiple applications in iOS (real App), refusing the use of templates in HTML or PDF, in order to provide unique brand experiences as well as dynamic and relevant presentations.
Through this device, the staff has access to the presentations automatically and immediately without need for internet connection. At the same time, you can project them or display them at conferences, trade shows, meetings or to events of different kinds.

Creating unique brand experiences
Depending on the needs of each client, different presentations for each category of product or service, for different brands of the group, to corporate information, or fairs, conferences or workshops will be created.
They can be used for each department or applications for specific purposes and situations to resolve global influence, as can be the alteration of commercial strategic approach in the middle of a cycle.

"Content Management" always updated without downloads
The platform generates applications with content always updated that are distributed by an App own brand. Kellenföl manages applications from the cloud, updating its contents, without any of the users have to download new updates.
Thus, all materials and presentations will always be up-to-date anywhere in the world.
With this management system, processes and content distribution are optimized, reducing time and resource investment in administrative tasks. Departments (B2B) and / or customers (B2C) have at all times the necessary documents so they can focus on their business.
The information will be integrated and always available.

Real Analytics, greater control and performance work teams.
The platform also allows to monitor the use of its contents: it is possible to know what materials are used, how often, in what order and capture "Leads". With these data it is possible to improve the system and method.

The system also discloses geolocation at any time geographic location of each team. With all that complete control of the work of the network is achieved.

All data captured through the iPad ® service are exportable to other CRM tools to fully integrate the management of customer relationships.
With the iPad ® multimedia service Kellenföl Advertising agency, companies can quickly integrate their communication strategies, as well as from the agency controlling the information distributed at each location in which they operate.

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