The Santorini Condo, as a newly-launched condo in the east side is intentionally located between Tampines Avenue 1 and Avenue 10.

Whenever you head to the east part of Singapore, you can see the new launch Q Bay Condo. The perfect location of The Santorini Condo is between Tampines Avenue 1 and Avenue 10. What's even greater about the condo is the great amenities next to it. The Santorini Condo Floorplans presents that Q Bay Condo will be getting a total of more than 600 residential units.

Online PR News – 25-February-2014 – Grand Island – There is a particular apartment in Singapore's Q Bay that can give tranquil lifestyle to a lot of individuals and that is The Santorini Condo. A sprawling layout plan, beamed ceilings and stately retouched wall furnishings are where the condo being enormously created. The most luxurious life is assured with the superb fixtures and stylish interior and exterior finishing and furnishing. In addition, the condos have a well through of The Santorini Condo Floorplans for the most luxurious designs. This makes the Q Bay located The Santorini Condo a destination residence that you can't assume; it's a condo of its own quality where luxury meets convenience. One can see the spectacular view of the blue sky above and the Q Bay because of The Santorini Condo Siteplans that this well-structured condo features. In fact, this is one reason why many occupants are falling in line to own one unit in this condo. Furthermore, huge number of amenities are obtainable in the Q Bay Condo necessary in placing a class in your daily life. If you really desire to stay in The Santorini location with the top-rated residential facilities, then The Santorini condo is a good catch for you. Over this, the condo features exclusive access elevators for the occupants providing you with a lot of privacy. The Santorini Condo Siteplans give a well-structured kitchens through the use of state-of-the-art products together with marble and granite top furnishings having excellent finished. So, there's no wonder why they're known for finest and sophisticated designs. Above all, it features deep stainless steel made sinks that are well fitted for it to continue for a long period of time. The bathrooms are also well fitted with imported fixtures and tubs for the most unforgettable visit. To be able to provide proper illumination to have an unstrained vision, careful choice of lighting fixtures has been performed. The fully-furnished walls will definitely make you feel relaxed and happy particularly if you are inside the condominium. Q Bay Condo is exactly what you want if you'd like to achieve extravagance, comfort, design, and elegance.Acquire more information today by simply glancing at The Santorini Condo Location, The Santorini Condo Floorplans or The Santorini Condo Siteplans.the santorini condo floorplans | the santorini condo location