Savesta Herbals Earns NPOP Accreditation

Savesta Herbal earns NPOP accreditation which proves the company’s commitment in implementing an organic farming method to cultivate and deliver the purest form of herbal extracts globally.

Online PR News – 25-February-2014 – Pune – This week Savesta Herbals announced the company’s recent accreditation that was awarded by the National Program For Organic Production, which has been formulated by the Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India for National Program For Organic Production (NPOP).

Mr. Sunil Bajaj, Director of Sava Group, said “ NPOP Accreditation is an honor and calls for building confidence, embodying uprightness and expressing trustworthiness in the market place and also to consumers. The accreditation gives our global consumer confidence in our commitment to provide products of high quality standards” NPOP signifies that the herbs are grown with no usage of pesticides and chemical fertilizer and with comprehensive environmental friendly and accountable approach.

The pesticide and chemical free approach of farming helps in preserving the regenerative and productive capacity of the soil, aids in good herb nutrition thus results in standardized herbal extract that synergistically combines with the primordial wisdom of Ayurveda combined with cut edge production and QC methods.

In the light of this admirable accreditation, Mr. Vinod Jadhav the Chairperson of SAVA group states, “We are proud that the manufacturing process at Savesta Herbals is environmental friendly with euphony of science and nature. We pride ourselves to provide our global consumers purest form of a wide range of herbal extracts that ultimately delivers the best health care herbal products.”

About NPOP - National program for organic production

The national program includes the accreditation program that establishes norms for organic production, consequently promoting organic farming. The European Commission and Switzerland have acknowledged the NPOP standards and accreditations as alike to their standards. Accredited with NPOP standards denote that the herbs are grown without any involvement of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. This also proves that the grass root level of farming preserves the regenerative and reproductive value of soil resulting in the purest form of herbal extracts.

About Savesta Herbals

Savesta Herbals is a part of the renowned SAVA Group, engaged in manufacturing and marketing of finished pharmaceutical products, Veterinary products, Research & Development of Pharmaceutical products across the globe.

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