An exclusive housing in Scotts Road was introduced just recently, and it is the Goodwood Residence. You could find many department stores nearby the apartment.

There is a new apartment at Scotts Road, which is the Goodwood Residence. With its combined exclusivity and architectural appearance, this will certainly amaze even individuals who have an ever discriminating taste with regards to residential property. Also, nothing beats the convenience, luxury and different amenities this place can give to its residents. Goodwood Residence is well worth living for, because you and your family will live a great life here.

Online PR News – 25-February-2014 – Concord – Goodwood Residence Singapore is a freehold condominium estate in Singapore, and with its sophisticated structure, this is the greatest one to have for property owners. The Goodwood Residence Freehold Condo brings in a new benchmark in high end housing. The fantastic Scotts Road is where you are able to look for the Goodwood Residence Location, which is a just 150 meters away from the rich neighborhood of Goodwood hills. In fact, the Good Residence Address can be identified immediately by the visitors of the homeowners. Residents who want to be in a green environment will certainly find this property a great option since there are around 20 hectares of lush greenery close to the Goodwood Residence Location. The mountains are historical as they act as the tree conservation area of many colonial homes.Unique living is provided by Goodwood Residence due to its green, quiet and private location. The Singapore's Green Building highest honour awards of BCA Green Mark Platinum Award was offered to this freehold condo estate because of its quintessential eco-friendly feature. Living in Goodwood Residence Freehold Condo is nothing but a privilege. Even driving into the residence presents an opportunity to see the rain trees and also have a moment at the wonderful porte-cochere. As the place is closely similar to a haven, no surprise so many people are interested to be here.There are actually 210 apartments established on the 2.5 hectare prime land of Goodwood Residence offered at a reasonable Goodwood Residence Price. Due to the strategic Goodwood Residence Floor Plans, all apartments will have a wonderful view of the green surroundings. They've got wonderful interiors, proper floor plans and its ceilings are high. This residence also offers a secure and working water management system as well as its other eco-friendly features.Certainly, Goodwood Residence Singapore is really a tranquil sanctuary in a busy city. Truly, it's first class because of its serene environment. The indelible residence is actually one of the highest valued property investment in Singapore. Dwelling here signifies you can connect with nature, and reflect in peace. Despite its hefty Goodwood Residence Price, it is still the only green property that shines in Singapore that is the reason why it is often regarded a lifetime opportunity to have Goodwood Residence. With that, feel free to uncover more about Goodwood Residence Floor Plans and Goodwood Residence Address, and register.Goodwood Residence is the brand-new plunge home which can be observed all-around Scotts Road. Just the fact of having to live in Goodwood Residence, you can simply buy many options which are installed close the property. You're able to mostly happen to be more sources completely because there are two taxi's, trains or buses which can be proudly located near to the loft. Goodwood have got a number of features your owners. | Goodwood Residence is the interesting release loft which is realized close to Scotts Road. Residing Goodwood Residence, you can simply obtain various resources which are set neighboring your condo. It is easy to generally journey to most locations commonly with there being various trains, buses and taxi's that can be positioned towards the condominium. Goodwood also have one or two business on the citizens.