Manage your ad network easily and effectively with Orbit AdMarket.

OrbitScripts Company released a robust and scalable ad network solution - Orbit AdMarket.

Online PR News – 14-July-2010 – – Based on Orbit AdMarket you can create an independent ad marketplace that attracts publishers and advertisers.

Advertisers will be able to use new technologies to reach their core audience through precision targeting, scheduling options, defined bids and daily budget, frequency caps on inventory and much more. Text, static image and animated flash advertisements bring your advertisers to make online display attractive to their potential customers.

Publishers will be able to create their own advertising niche by adding websites into your ad network and getting revenue by displaying ads from top-tier advertisers and large pool of ad networks and agencies.

Using Orbit AdMarket you will get 100% of the ad revenue when you place ads on your websites. When publishers place these same ads on their websites; you will get a percentage from every click, impression or action generated from their traffic.

Features and offerings of Orbit AdMarket include comprehensive documentation, on-line help features and ongoing support and consulting.