Furniture Stores Invites Merchants to Advertise Their Products and Services
02/27/2014 calls for merchants to advertise their products and services at and thereby increase visibility of their business.

Online PR News – 27-February-2014 – Lancashire – The leading furniture advertiser FurnitureStores has invited merchants to come forth to list and advertise their products with them.Furniturestores is one of the leading on-line shopping portal you can visit for Living Room Furniture, Dining Room Furniture, Bedroom Furniture.

FurnitureStores has been keenly looking for merchants and advertisers on the Internet. Its aim is to find and consolidate the extensive product range from more than 300,000 online merchants. It helps the merchants to put their products on the platforms on which the today’s customer is, that is, platforms like the web, social media, mobile apps and others. This is a unique opportunity for the merchants to engross the shoppers who are interested in their quality products by positioning their business in a new format.

When asked, why should the vendors list their products with FurnitureStores, the main idea is to increase the merchant’s online presence in an easier way. Especially, when the buyers are shifting from the traditional brick and mortar shops to the e-commerce portals, it has now become the need of the hour to have online presence. Not only does FurnitureStores help to increase online presence but it also assures that there will be increase in traffic to the product sales, given that the merchants register with them for a nominal fee.

FurnitureStores understands that every advertiser would have different requirements and specifications; hence they provide with a number of packages to suit every advertising need. Additionally, each of these packages has the liberty to be tailored further to best suit ones needs. FurnitureStores promises to ensure the right coverage for the campaign and also to reach maximum people possible at the best offered price.
Thus, once registered with them, FurnitureStores will take care of getting the products listed and increasing the traffic towards them. However to ensure that the users have the best experience of furniture shopping, the merchants would have to take care of some important terms.

All the advertisers who have had the best results through FurnitureStores have not only taken extensive and assorted packages but they keep renewing their contracts owing to these best results. Some well-known brands which are the registered advertisers with FurnitureStores are Debenhams, Furniture Village, House of Bath, Dunelm Mill, Design 55, Bedstar and Harveys. Debenhams have appreciated FurnitureStores as for providing great service and Furniture Village is delighted about the super-fast responses.

Merchants may have their concerns as to why should they select FurnitureStores when there are similar offerings in the market which are already established and famous. The benefit that FurnitureStores provides is that it is exclusively for furniture and offering plenty of varieties. The varieties are categorized under the heads of Living Room, Kitchen & Dining, Bedroom, Bathroom, Lighting, and Office with many sub-categories under each of them. is the largest Furniture Stores shopping portals of UK which mainly is a consumer shopping search engine that provides a typical shopper with across-the-board results for not only products but also stores. FurnitureStores isn’t into sales but simply helps its users to find products which are available for sale on the web.

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