Shimarz Has Released Their New Item On

Shimarz has actually annouced their very first item which is a eyelash curling iron to be on sale at

Online PR News – 25-February-2014 – Herndon/VA – Shimarz are a new beauty company that are not known in the beauty world yet. They are a small company that make small beauty products. There end goal is to have different styles on beauty products that they can offer to the beauty market.

This new Company have just released a new product called the Shimarz eyelash curler. They announced this new product in January 2013.

This New Company decided to sell their new eyelash curlers in They started selling their product on at the beginning of this year. The owner of Shimarz is hoping to grow their products and expand into other beauty tools in the coming years.

Many well-known beauty product companies sell their own beauty products from their own websites and through well-known big retail stores. Shimarz say that they would rather sell through big online e-Commerce stores that people already trust. This is too save cost and focus on quality products to their customers.

Shimarz also say that they want to give the best reasonable price possible to their customers. The only way they can achieve this is to sell their new products through big ecommerce sites like Amazon. Also they want to achieve a very good customer feedback list so readers can compare and trust their brand. Getting good feedback about their products is what they are aiming to achieve.

There are so many beauty companies out there with so many beauty products to sell. Shimarz does not want to have a huge company but rather focus on quality and good customer service.