Delicate Caress Cosmetics Announces Makeup Brush Sellout To Celebrate New Skincare Range

Delicate Caress Cosmetics provide discount coupon for 18 piece makeup brush set and announce the launch of a new range of skin care

Online PR News – 25-February-2014 – Chicago/IL – Denise Condon of Delicate Caress Cosmetics announced today that she is continuing to move forward with her mission to build a range of high quality skin care products at affordable prices.

‘If you have read any of my previous releases, you will know that I am really passionate about providing top quality, and I mean top quality, cosmetics for the Moms and Grandmas who don't usually buy the very best because they cannot justify spending the money on themselves'.

When other women her age are looking forward to retirement and spending time with the grandchildren, Denise has started her own Cosmetic Company and she says she is determined to ‘make a difference' to the way women are treated as they age.

‘I don't want to say that everyone feels the way I do, but I found that when I hit 50, I became the ‘invisible shopper'. My children had left home and had lives of their own so I had some time to look after me. I had time to put on some makeup, I had time to look for some more modern clothes, I had time to go to the hairdresser and ask for a more modern ‘do'.

‘The trouble was, none of the shop assistants gave me the time of day – It was like I had crossed some divide where I was expected to wear a certain clothing type, wear a certain hair style and the only makeup that was going to do me any good was anti-wrinkle cream!'

Denise said she had spoken to other women in a similar age bracket, and the stories were all very similar. ‘We might be older, we might even be grandmas, but we are a generation of fit, healthy women, who still believe we are 24!'

And so it began. Denise launched her Company in May 2013 with a brush set. The 18 piece Caress Set is currently on sale and will be discontinued after all current stock is sold. ‘It's a sad day for me because I have an attachment to the set, but I cannot run a company purely on what I love. I have to consider what my buyers are looking for'.

‘Having said that, I won't be selling anything that I would not use myself, or for which I have a passion'.

Denise said she believes that being passionate about her products and, more importantly, being passionate about customer service, will eventually win her more customers and their trust.

‘In a world where we seem to have become quite cynical about people wanting to do the right thing, it is often difficult to convince buyers that I am genuine, I really mean what I say, and that my product really is as good as I am telling them it is'.

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