New Advertising Service Creates Knee-Slapping, Rib-Poking, Leg-Pulling Commercials and Videos

Beard Boy Productions of Tustin, CA has launched Yukmercials, a new advertising service founded to create humorous TV commercials, radio spots and sales videos for local, regional and national clients across America.

Online PR News – 23-February-2014 – Tustin/CA – In writing and producing chortle-inducing advertising for our clients, we'll use the latest equipment: high-tech rubber chickens, digital whoopee cushions and cutting-edge fake dog doody," said co-founder Mike Smith.

"We take this stuff very seriously," added co-founder Scott Montgomery, while wearing a rainbow wig and slipping on a banana peel.

It's Fun Time

Advertising veterans, each with 30 years of experience, Smith and Montgomery point to the accelerating popularity of humorous television and Web content -- as evidenced by this year's Superbowl spots -- as proof that the time is right for a lighter approach to selling even the most staid products and services.

"Today, advertising in general is so safe and PC," they stated. "We think it's time to reassert the power of yukosity in building awareness and generating sales. People hate crying when they watch commercials for beer and donuts. They just do. Well, unless they have dogs and big horses in them. But those are a million dollars.”

Off the Shelf and Off the Wall

Yukmercials offers two product lines:
o Yukmercials Insta-Spots, affordably-priced, pre-made (from our archives of ancient footage), ready-to-run TV spots customizable to a given client's business and aired exclusively in that client's market.
o And Yukmercials, humorous spots and videos conceived, written and produced from scratch. Like the best pancakes and crazy quilts.
More Ha-Ha for Your Cha-Ching

Yukmercials is comprised of agency-schooled professionals who come up with creative advertising solutions that work -- combined with skilled producers adept at keeping costs low while giving you more funny for your money.

Working with -- or apart from -- a client's ad agency on a project basis, Yukmercials offers Hollywood-based talent who bring added guffaw-itude to each project.

Beard Boy Productions has a 20-plus-year track record of success writing and producing over 600 funny (and darned-serious) commercials and videos for all kinds of clients, all across America -- work that has been honored with Clio, Effie, ANDY, Belding, NY Art Directors, Telly and other groovy awards that mean people like them.

Yuk It Up

But wait, there’s more: Yukmercials offers special introductory pricing for first-time clients. For more information contact: