New You in 22 Reviews Expose Dr. Jonny Bowden's Diet

Dr. Jonny Bowden released his New You in 22 diet program which focuses on changing one's metabolism from a sugar burner to a fat burner. But does it work? Steven Wright has published a full, investigative review in his New You in 22 report.

Online PR News – 22-February-2014 – Medford, OR – New You in 22 is Jonny Bowden's diet that he released in 2014. Dr. Bowden has many, many years of experience in the weight loss and fitness industry. But what really makes Dr. Bowden stand out from the crowd is his ability to take scientific findings and make real world application. With all of the New You in 22 reviews that have been floating around, Steven Wright accepted the assignment to dig into Bowden's new diet and give his opinion on it.

"Dr. Bowden is hands-down, one of the most qualified nutritionists and advisers for the weight loss industry. If there was one guy that I would recommend to my friends and family to listen to, he would be that guy." reports Steven Wright from "Being assigned to look over all of the new diet and workouts that become available can be quite an involved job. When I was asked to look over Jonny's New You in 22 diet I can honestly say that I was quite excited. I remember when he first came out with his Unleash Your Diet and I thought that what the holy grail of diets. New You in 22 actually surpasses even that."

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Certainly Jonny Bowden has a name and a reputation to uphold. Despite making appearances on CNN, ABC News and even the Dr. OZ show, Jonny still stays grounded. All of his diet and weight loss advice is backed by pure science. Having said that, Bowden's new diet recommends some new, forward thinking advice for the weight loss industry.

"One thing that I really like is that Dr. Bowden is not scarred of being different. In and industry ran by politics and money, it can be a challenge to deviate from the norm. But living up to his nickname as the Rogue Nutritionist, Bowden isn't scared to make bold claims that go against what many of the so-called experts are making." Says Wright about Jonny's approach to eating carbs at night as opposed to the formerly accepted breakfast-time meal.

"Overall, I feel that Jonny Bowden is great. He knows that his programs are backed by real science and that makes it easy for him to guarantee that they work. I know I recommend his programs to my readers without any hesitation because he really is the real deal. And as outlined in my New You in 22 report, it is certainly lives up to it's expectations."

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