iSmooth Brings The Next Era In Transportable Charging Devices

A new participant in the mobile charging field has come out with an extremely attractive new power bank.

Online PR News – 23-February-2014 – Las Vegas/NV – January 28, 2014 - Las Vegas, Nevada -- iSmooth LLC has announced today that they will be entering the world of portable mobile tablet charging as they unveiled their very first peak at the iSmooth Mana Energy Bank Dual-USB Portable Charger.

The iSmooth Mana Energy Bank is a mid-level capacity charger, but it has a sleek, black style that truly brings a bit of style to the style. The term "mana" is a nod to the video game sub-culture of MMO-RPG's and the like where "mana" is a magical energy that is employed to carry out various magic spells. The word has been around for years, but it has nearly always had a science-fiction or mystical vibe about it.

There is only a single leaked photo at this point, and the charger is not set for a specific release date, but from the initial info, the item appears to contain these specs:

-Capacity: 7300mah

-Input voltage: DC 4.75V~5.25V

-Input current: 1.5-2A Max

-Output voltage: DC 4.75V~5.25V

-Output current: 2.1A Max (1A, 2.1A)

This is plenty of power to charge any smartphone numerous times, and it has sufficient juice to even do phablets and some small tablets. The iSmooth improvement group has not stated whether or not this will be the only size that will be available, but there appears to be some room left open.

"I won't say it's the only power bank we are looking to make, but I can't really comment much further on that," says a source inside the business.

Remain tuned for additional updates on this as we get the specifics.

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