The Zombie Chicken Apocalypse is coming.

The developers at Zombie Chicken Apocalypse are breeding life sized Zombie Chickens for your home or yard.

Online PR News – 23-February-2014 – Ocean City, Maryland – Get ready for Halloween on October 31st 2014 - The Zombie Chicken Apocalypse is coming and Awareness is the best Preparedness.

The team of developers at Zombie Chicken Apocalypse (ZCA) are unleashing life size Zombie Chickens into the world. You will soon be able to own your very own Zombie Chicken through a crowd source funding project starting in late summer 2014. The ZCA team is encouraging their rapidly growing fan base to follow their journey on facebook and twitter. You can also sign up for their newsletter at to be notified when their crowd source funding project begins.

With successful funding the ZCA team hopes to manufacture and deliver their first Zombie Chicken appropriately in time for Halloween. Zombie Apocalypse Connoisseurs, Chicken Farmers, Backyard Chicken Breeders, Egg Laying Enthusiasts, Survivalists, Doomsday Preppers, Horror Fanatics and more are encouraged to utilize their Zombie Chickens for Halloween Decorations, Party Theming or Year Round Zombification.

Life size Zombie Chickens stand fourteen inches tall, are molded using a sturdy poly-resin material and painted with vibrant Zombie colors. Great for indoor or outdoor placement Zombie Chicken characteristics include (1) large zombie eyes, (2) Awkward Zombie posture (3) Red and Purple Zombie bruises, cuts (4) and an infectious pecking beak.The ZCA Team hopes you will help spread the message that “Awareness is the best Preparedness!”