Maximize Your Muscle - Reviews of DelMonte's Program Show Pros/Cons

Vince DelMonte's muscle building program is getting reviewed all over the web. But with all of the reviews of Maximize Your Muscle, many seem one-sided. Is Maximize Your Muscle good or is it just another generic muscle building program?

Online PR News – 21-February-2014 – Medford, OR – Maximize Your Muscle promises quick muscle gains in as little as 28 days. In fact, on the website is makes the statement that one can expect to learn enough to build muscle in 28 days versus 28 months. Sounds far fetched?

"After I first learned about Vince DelMonte's Maximize Your Muscle and the claims he was making I was a bit doubtful." Says Steven Wright. "I know Mr. DelMonte is a very well respected fitness and muscle building icon in the industry so I felt it was necessary to give him and his new program a shot. It is awesome!"

In order to out the quickest and most efficient muscle building program available, DelMonte has compiled and condensed his program into a 24 page manual and a 2 hour online video. This makes digesting and retaining the information simple and to the point. Also, by making this program available through downloadable PDF's and a downloadable video, he is able to offer this program at an incredible value of only $7 for the first 1,000 copies sold, as discussed here.

"In all honesty this program is worth much more than the $7 price tag suggests. I have a feeling that DelMonte is going to quickly surpass the 1,000 copy mark." reports Wright. "Even at the normal $27 & $37 price points though, the program is a no-brainer."

The Maximize Your Muscle program promises to be the fastest way to build muscle. It's aim is to take one through four growth boosting workouts that target parts of the muscle that is usually un-worked. In addition, it takes a unique approach which utilizes lighter weights with shorter resting periods. This is known as cumulative fatigue and is known to increase GH and testosterone.

"Vince's muscle building program really does deliver and what I like most about it is that it is something unique. Yes, he recommends some things that you've heard, but he also teaches others which most of us never hear about. It's certainly no "magic pill" program, but it's obvious that you can see more muscle faster from working hard following a proven program like this. I have no problem recommending it to my readers." admits Wright.

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This was submitted by Steven Wright who examines health and fitness products in order to provide consumers real and informative reviews.

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