Official launch - First social commerce platform in the world

SavelGo is something totally new in ‘social commerce’.

Online PR News – 23-February-2014 – london – SavelGo is something totally new in ‘social commerce’. Before now, a responsible, careful online shopper had to spend hours searching for good, reliable reviews before deciding which product to buy, and more time searching a thousand providers who all claim to have the lowest price for it. Most of us don’t go to the effort, and wonder if we didn’t just pay a lot more than we had to.
Now, there is SavelGo! We are the first socially networked shopping and e-commerce site to provide shoppers with a social buying experience. We combine reviews, special offers and deal spotting with a simple ‘buy it now’ option that makes shopping fast and easy, and silences that nagging voice that says ‘maybe I could have got that cheaper’.
Social commerce, sometimes called f-commerce after Facebook, is still in its infancy. Many attempts to make it work have failed because they misunderstood what people came to social media for, and merely tried to treat them as another audience for a sales message. SavelGo invites its users to enter into a truly social experience, and to share their actual experiences, both positive and negative, in order to spread actual consumer-based market wisdom. To have conversations with real people, not straw men or shills.
The Benefits
SavelGo integrates social networking and e-commerce to allow social shopping. Shoppers can review their purchases to help others shop smarter. Social buying enables shoppers to make good purchasing choices and rewards companies for providing a good service at a good price.
From a company’s perspective, SavelGo is an engaging, targeted channel for their services and products. Our social and business management tools enable businesses to manage their SavelGo page easily. Sites like Groupon are already popular for offering exclusive deals, but social commerce casts a much wider net, and pulls in more buyers actively seeking goods and services like yours. SavelGo ensures that your exclusive deals are seen and shared by a much larger set of consumers.
View photos, news, videos and special deals from your favourite merchants.
Share your own purchasing experience.
Shop and pay directly to merchant.
Fill out your profile and get offers that matter to you.
Export to existing social media such as Facebook, Twitter and others.
Chat in real time with merchants and share with other users.
The Vision
E-commerce has been around for a while, as has social networking. SavelGo has combined the two to produce a truly unique social commerce platform.
Our vision is for there to “no longer be queues for your checkout and where you will no longer have any issues with your purchases” – Salvatore Vacante, CEO.
Isn’t that the goal of all e-commerce sites?
In a way, yes. However SavelGo gives the shopper the power to shape the market and decide which products and services are the best. It shifts the focus back to the buyer, and their experience, where it belongs.
Signing up is easy
Signing up is as easy as entering your email on the homepage and clicking the ‘sign up’ button. Immediately you see a list of shoppers and images of what they have bought today. You can hear what your fellow shoppers have to say in their own words, and let us all know how it works out for you as well.
Exploring is easy
When you click on an item, all comments from the buyer and others are displayed. Explore. Get to know people interested in some of the same things you are, and benefit from their experiences. This is what social commerce is all about.
Through the left hand side of the page, you can see news, but with one click you can view of your orders, explore online stores or read your messages. On the right hand side you can see various offers – ‘SavelGo deals’– from various online shops.
Shopping is easy
By clicking on the ‘Explore’ icon from the left side of your homepage, you see a displayed list of ‘new stores around you’. Each company is represented by their logo and staying true to the social commerce ethos, the logo is displayed with a star rating. When you click on a company icon, you see a summary of what the company provides alongside a list of useful links.
While the idea of social commerce has been toyed with in the past, SavelGo is the first to fully integrate the marketing and communication benefits of social networking, with the convenience and savings that e-commerce offers.
Share your experiences
Give and feedback, and talk about your purchases. You can help other users to find what they need at the right price.
Promote products and services
Merchants need to promote their products and services. If you advertise on your own social network profiles or blogs, you can earn money.