GooHoo set to save the world March 27th on iOS

This is no easy task when our eponymous hero is the size of a pinhead.

Online PR News – 23-February-2014 – Swindon – Goohoo, the new game by evil twin artworks is due to be available for iOS devices on March 27th.

GooHoo is a platform puzzler set in a galaxy far away. In it players play the tiny top-secret radio-controlled microscopic super-weapon of the title that must battle to save a planet from giant killer robots. The robots are the workforce of the city who has mysteriously gone on the rampage. Not only that but they have been mysteriously weaponised. Teacher bots fire lasers from their eyes while construction bots destroy the buildings they have created.

What is different about the game is GooHoo is tiny enough to climb in each one and shut them down from the inside before they destroy the city.

This is no easy task when our eponymous hero is the size of a pinhead.

The 15 giant robots and 4 Robo dogs have several levels inside each, ensuring rich and varied gameplay. GooHoo’s task is made more difficult by the puzzles within each robot, finding the way through the maze of wires is only the first step. Not only that Goohoo must face 4 UFOs which he must climb inside and defeat in order to unlock the mystery of why the robots went haywire in the first place.

The Robo Wasp

As GooHoo puzzles his way through he has to watch out for the internal defences systems which include lasers, spikes, bombs and even Robo Wasps who fire electric stings at our miniature saviour.

This release marks the first of a new batch of games to be launched by Evil Twin Artworks. The Evil Twins have created River Cottage Get Foraging game for Channel 4, and are currently developing Victory At Sea, an epic multi-platform WW2 Naval combat game. The games we develop range from bright physics games to realistic strategy simulations, full blown cuddliness and all-out war. We port to multiple platforms including Steam, Mac Store, App Store, Google Play and the Windows Store. Founded by brothers James and Mark Carroll Evil Twin are based in Swindon, UK. We are grass roots developers as it’s difficult to train and retain staff when there is London and Bristol either side of you. So a lot of James and Mark’s time is working with young people and getting them excited about programming and game making. The plan is to make Evil Twins Gaming Swindon 4 words that make sense together!


•Over 15 giant robots to destroy, containing a multitude of levels.

•Unlock 4 Robot Dogs and 4 UFO levels.

•The first release contains over 100 levels inside the robots, more coming soon!

•A large variety of achievements to complete.

Device requirements:

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Requires iOS 5

GooHoo will be available on the App Store March 27th.

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