3D printing supplies manufacturer recently launched their new series of 3D printer filaments

Recently, the 3D printing supplies manufacturer Kratonix, Inc has launched their new series of PLA 3D printer filaments.

Online PR News – 23-February-2014 – . – China – Recently, the 3D printing supplies manufacturer Kratonix, Inc which website is www.alienmake.com has launched their new series of PLA 3D printer filaments. Their 3D printer filaments and other cost-effective high-end 3D printer supplies have been favored by the majority of 3D printing lover. Nowadays, their new PLA plastic filaments which developed by their professional team have already experienced a series of tests. Their products already passed the compatibility testing of many mainstream 3D printers. The evidence shows with people that their 3D printer supplies can significantly enhance the performance of printer.

According to the description from technician from alienmake.com, their 3d filament own many advantages. First, they select the high quality3D printing PLA raw materials which are more suitable for 3D printing. Second, they make use of advanced real-time omni-directional laser diameter measurement system to ensure stability printing process be more smoothly. Third, their high cost color schemes could effectively maintain the bright colors and environmental protection. Fourth, their 3D printer filaments already passed SGS RoHS toxic substances testing, which are in line with EU environmental standards.

PLA plastic filaments is the basically materials of 3D printing in FDM principles. People who have the related chemical knowledge should know that PLA is the English abbreviation of polylactic acid which is also known as polylactide, a member of polyester family. The Polylactic acid is mainly produced by the main raw material which name is polymer. The renewable speed of this kind of raw material is high and fully. This kind of raw materials could be produced from corn, cassava, and other raw materials. The production process of Polylactic acid does not have any pollution and this product could achieve the biodegradable products and the green cycle in nature. Therefore, it is an ideal green polymer material for 3D printing. That is why the 3D printing industry choose this material as their printing supplies.

In a word, the 3D printing is the future main stream in the printing industry. With the development of this industry and the reducing of the cost for producing the 3D printer, the 3D printing technology could eventually enter into every people¡¯s life.

However, if people still have such puzzle about the quality of the 3d printer filament wholesale from alienmake.com, they could also carefully see the samples which have been shown on their website. These sample model which printed by the filaments from Kratonix., Inc has more vivid and shape than the market similar products from another manufacturers. However, the overall effect is more outstanding.

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