Monster Doctor Games for Kids Launched by GameiMax Recently

Monster Dent Doctor and Monster Doctor Braces both are developed with amazing graphics and helpful for children to learn dental treatment in funny way. Both are very addictive games for kids.

Online PR News – 23-February-2014 – 21-Feb-2014 – The well-liked game development company GameiMax has arrived with two Monsters kids games with entirely new concept called "Monster Dent Doctor" & "Monster Doctor Braces".Both these games are free to download.

Both these games are developed with different functionalities, in Monster Dent Doctor players have to do proper dent treatment and in Monster Doctor Braces players have to do correct Braces treatment for monsters. The attractive point of these games is excellent graphics, developer of these games developed games with attractive sounds and expression. Players will feel like they playing with real monsters while they play with these game.

Said by Founder of GameiMax - "We thought that every games developed with normal character may players get bored by playing with same type of characters. So, we developed two surgery games through Monster characters with expressions which looking like real."

Both the games have different functionalities and features, also included various medical tools. See below the features of these games.

Monster Dent Doctor.

Teeth surgery
Remove green teeth
Tissue(For nossy)
Drill(Remove black part)
Put braces
Tongue surgery:
Remove Forks, kill germs
Water sprayer
Water dryer
Spray(heal injury)
Funny bandiads
Shock Treatment
Bug killer
Pimple remover
Plaster(Color it)
Mouth freshener
Inner view(Using Joystick)
Pimple Remover
Dirt Remover
Cream, Pimple remover

Monster Doctor Braces

1.Care view:

blood presser

2. Braces View:

remove germs
green teeth remove
black teeth remove
water spray
water dryer
teeth moral
teeth bonding

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