CBData System Launches CBData® Version 6.0 to Take Home Inventory Management to the Next Level

Home & Life Inventory™ Solutions Company Launches New Software With An Interface that works with Mobile Apps

Online PR News – 21-February-2014 – Ridgewood, New Jersey – Home & Life Inventory™ Solutions Company Launches New Software With An Interface that works with Mobile Apps

CareBinders, LLC, home of CBData® Home & Life Inventory™ Solutions (CBData®) is pleased to announce that they have launched CBData® Version 6.0, with an interface for mobile apps that have home inventory programs such as Nest Egg - Inventory for iPad/iPhone and SMARTPET for Android platforms.

These apps, which cost, at most, $4.99, have capabilities to scan barcodes, take photos of items, link the picture to the barcode and allow the user to type in additional fields about the item. Once completed the entire inventory can be exported to either CSV or Excel. CBData®'s import utility tool will automatically import all of the information into CBData®, and all data will be mapped into their Asset/Inventory program, including barcodes, pictures and the ancillary informational fields. This new interface will take the home inventory process to a new level, decreasing input time and increasing the quality of information.

CBData® already has a mobile app for the iPhone and iPad that takes CBData® information and syncs it, read-only to your mobile device. With CBData® Version 6.0, this is the first time working with a mobile app, taking information FROM it and importing it into CBData®.

Key is that the home inventory module is just one of dozens of functional modules within CBData® to simplify people’s lives. Whether consumers want to keep track of their financial, medical, or personal information, they can count on CBData® to easily and efficiently store all of their information in one convenient, secure location.

About CBData: CareBinders, LLC is the creator of CBData® Life Inventory™ Solutions, a service that helps you pull all of your important information together and store it, safely and securely, in our proprietary software that operates on your PC – not on the Internet. Our clients range from individuals, families and small businesses to the trusted advisors of those people and firms. Together, we gather all your personal, medical, financial and small business information – from passwords to pets to wallet contents to service providers to performing home inventories, and everything in between. CBData® then creates “intelligent” reports, such as an emergency medical card, a wallet contents report and a home inventory catalog. We can then create a physical CareBinder® of whatever information you’d like printed, a read-only sync to your mobile device as well as a secure digital file that can be backed up and given to your trusted advisor, family members or stored wherever you want.